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The Marauder is a Battlecruiser designed to be well-rounded.


The Marauder is a small, nimble Battlecruiser with a balance of turret and spinal firepower and a heavy emphasis on Hull health.


The interior is simple, with a teleporter pad that takes you into a room that has a carpet and a few screens as well as the pilot seat.


  • Cheap.
  • Balanced damage output.
  • Majority of DPS comes from Spinals
  • High Hull for its class.
  • Explosion Value of 34


  • Vulnerable at the bottom.
  • if you miss Spinals, you are missing out on a big chunk of your dps
  • Low shields.


  • Use this ship in swarms to take down larger ships.
  • Don't attack ships that have lots of small Turrets.
  • Avoid Shield breakers.

Version History

  • Name fixed in .69d.
  • Rebalanced in .75a5.
  • Marauder Speed increased (65 -> 90) Marauder Acceleration increased (25 -> 30) .75a12


  • The name of the ship used to have a space before it. That meant that players must add an extra space when using the :cost command. It also meant that the ship appears on the top of the "spawn ship" list because of alphabetical order. (this is probably fixed?)
  • A Carrier called the Warlord has a design that looks very similar to this ship; also, a Fighter called the Harbinger, which is found exclusively on the Prometheus, shares a similar model.
  • The Marauder has a slight resemblance to the Daedalus from Stargate, while the Warlord is almost identical to it.