Mega Base

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Mega Base Stats
Shield 100,000
Hull 30,000
Damage Resistance 75%

A massive hub located in the center of the map the Mega Base supports a variety of functions.


The Mega Base is a super-sized Starbase added in Galaxy Beta with 100k Shield, 30k Hull, and 75% Damage Resistance. It is where players spawn upon entering a server or when their own bases are destroyed, go to build ships, access their Warehouse, and buy or sell materials at a steady price. The Mega Base is unarmed and neutral to all player factions. If it is somehow destroyed (e.g. Aliens), the server will shut down.

Mega Base follows similar docking rules to Faction Starbases, allowing Miner or Freighter ships to become invulnerable while safely docked, though this invincibility wears off when the respective ship becomes undocked or engages in combat. Ships of any class cannot be spawned at the Mega Base except for ships under battlecruiser, and although non economy-related ships may still dock, they do not benefit from any sort of invincibility.

Mega Base's Ores storage, credits and prices are linked across all servers, even private servers. Mega Base Credits fluctuates between positive and negative meaning in times of debt any Ores/Materials cannot be sold resulting with "Base does not have enough credits to buy this." and combat rewards are not paid fully due to "insufficient funds".


Mega Base has a total of 5 terminals (A, B, C, D, and E), A total of 18 docking ports (3 docks in terminals A-D and 6 in E), and in each terminal a second floor: LIBRARY, SALES FLOOR, UNE SUPPLY DEPOT, and AUDITORIUM respectfully (Terminal E does not have a second floor rather it has the "core" of Mega Base). At the center of each terminal is a pad that teleports players to the main hub.

The main dome of the Mega Base is decorated with flora, "beaches", and pillars designed similarly to tree trunks without leaves or branches. It also houses the VIP Lounge between terminals A and B a glassy 2 story building with a "VIP" sign above the second floor door, between terminals A and D sits the alien embassy at the bottom floor with no stairway or sidewalk leading to it, and at the very center on a floating island lies the community boards, teleporters to each terminal, a physical icon set in stone, signs floating above each terminals catwalk, and a sidewalk around the perimeter. A teleporter behind the physical icon labeled observatory teleports the player to a small glass room floating above mega where it overlooks all of mega and the surrounding space. A holographic tree sits on top of a pile of stones below the floating island. The ceiling consists of a semi transparent glass covered in recognizable constellations.

There is a large sign that cycle through different "ads". Players may use robux to purchase their own ad slot to display any roblox group/place they choose (within the limits of roblox filters). Ads may be displayed on rotation for 1 day (50 robux), 3 days (100 robux), or 7 days (200 robux).


SAD-OS is an NPC character located next to the Smith NPC in the Mega Base. It appears to be an unusable red teleporter on top of a crudely-made potato. Upon interacting with it, it will speak:

[SAD-OS] "My name is SAD-OS and I am a potato."

On top of the fact that this is a very blatant reference to the character PotatOS from Portal 2, there is nothing more to add.

Luca Sky and Billy Ray Joe are at the center of mega base. Luca stands at the top of a pillar between terminal B and C while Billy Ray Joe stands next to the rules board.

Mega Base Announcements

About every ?? minutes in the Mega Base, you can hear what sounds like a robot speaking on an intercom throughout the Mega Base. These are all of the sentences she says:

Tips and tricks

  • If you plan to transfer items or sell and buy items at Mega Base, make sure you are not at War. Pirates normally do some Pirating at Mega Base and normally attack any enemy ship they see, mainly Miners and Freighters.
  • Aliens normally head to Mega Base, so be warned and look at the Minimap.
  • Smaller Pirates always stay within 30,000 studs of the Mega Base, so be careful when trading and keep an eye on the Minimap.

Getting Inside

As is commonly known, if you warp perfectly, you can enter Mega Base. It takes some practice, but it gets pretty easy over time. But, two players named FRJRyanYT and Parzi3l have found a new way to get inside. Where the terminals connect to the Mega Base, there is a small, rhombus-shaped, hole that is just big enough to fit, maybe 3 Wasps going through at once. All testing to enter using Frigates has shown us that most Frigates are too big to enter using our area, but to be honest, we only tested two Frigates. Photos of the entrance will be shown below.

Developer Cave

Video showing the location and contents of the cave.

There is a large cave that features the current staff of galaxy. This cave features everything from Admins to Modelers to the Owner himself. The cave is located in the main area of the Mega Base, in a waterfall under the bridge to the D Terminal. The cave has 3 different sections, and a small central hallway that connects these sections to the cave entrance. SadOS also resides in this cave, in a wall in the Modelers section.


  • Ads were formerly used only by game staff or developers to launch their own game-related messages or ads, which included ones for the Galaxy Group, Case Clicker, Sean's Empire, and Xeiron Industries. The Case Clicker ad in previous versions read "Come play the best Sci-Fi game around!". This was probably based on rcouret complaining that Case Clicker is categorized as a Sci-Fi game.
  • The Mega Base when it had 1e22 health
    The Mega Base used to be entirely invulnerable and had an inordinate "1e22" (10 sextillion) health. However, as of version .73f, the Mega Base has 75% Damage Resistance and 100,000 shield and 30,000 hull.
  • Around 6:00pm UTC Pacific Time 3/23/2022 Admins spawned a fleet of pirates ranging from normal to event ones in a server causing a frenzy, at that time Mega Base became -800k in debt, before this a group of exploiters using alts stormed the server causing a DDOS. (Direct Denial Of Service)
  • Some small ships used to be able to get inside the Mega Base, like Wyrm or Wasp.
  • In some versions of the game, the Mega Base was able to be destroyed (prior to the official implementation in version .73f). In these versions, when Mega Base died, it had one of the most destructive explosions in the game, but the radius was very low so only ships touching the mega base are affected by the resulting nuke. The wreck also had a boundless amount of loot, but the absence of the Mega Base broke the server and prevented players selling anything; the UI as a whole deteriorates as people sometimes were unable to spawn or de spawn ships. Players that joined the server were unable to join any team.
  • On a certain day, which is unknown for now, the Mega Base broke. It didn't sell anything, people weren't able to build ships (due to not being able to buy), and all of the materials in Mega Base had been removed. That was later to be confirmed to be due to exploiters. The developers ended up fixing Mega Base.
  • After witnessing the first downfall of Mega Base, it was not long until Mega Base broke again. though this time, it was more obviously the work of exploiters. As of 21/02/2020, exploiters messed with Mega Base, ending it off with removing all of the materials from said base. Players were not able to buy from mega base for possibly a week? On 27/02/2020, the game owner rcouret fixed the issue along with the development team. They also made sure to implement an anti-exploit system into Mega Base to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  • Before a week passed after the Mega Base patch by rcouret, exploiters went around this anti-exploit system that was previously implemented. On 02/29/2020, exploiters joined Galaxy with throwaway accounts. They would give themselves an immense amount of credits, and would buy all of the materials from Mega Base and try to put the base into debt (negative credits), though due to the patch rcouret made, the Mega Base at that time could no longer go into debt. All materials dumped/sold into Mega Base were gone within 2 minutes. As of 3/5/2020, this has been patched and the Mega Base is operational.
  • On 11/1/2021, the Mega Base was accidentally made destructible in the main version of Galaxy, causing players to go through all the servers and kill every Mega Base until it was patched.
  • On 13/4/2020, the Mega Base was once again broken, leaving the base in a massive debt of negative 8 trillion credits. This has since been fixed.
  • Before the warp system was revised, ships were able to warp into the Mega Base with the correct timing. This was a bannable act when people used it to escape the loss of their ship in combat.
  • Ships didn't need to be built at the Mega Base in Alpha since the Mega Base didn't exist. This feature has since been re-implemented, allowing players to construct their ships either at the Mega Base or at a player Starbase.
  • On the day of the release of the advertisements at the Mega Base, the prices used to be 1 day = 500 Robux, 3 days = 1000 Robux, and 7 days = 2000 Robux. This was soon made cheaper due to the prices being too expensive.
  • In older versions of Galaxy, some players would “carrier camp” at the Mega Base, where they would dock their Carriers and release their Fighters, allowing them to fight without the Carrier losing its invulnerability. This was patched later on though, with invincibility being switched off when Carriers launch Fighters at the Mega Base.
  • Grievion inside of Mega Base
    The original model of the Mega Base used to have F and G terminals beneath the E terminals, but they were removed for part reduction. It is believed they were deemed unnecessary as the Mega Base very rarely gets that crowded.
  • Inside the Mega Base, there is an Alien Embassy, as well as a chart with character translations for the alien language. Players cannot enter this structure, as occasionally announced by the Mega Base. More information about the Embassy can also be found in the Lore of the U.N.E.
  • Community Advisor (now removed) in Version .63
    As of version .63f3 (ish), there a "Community Advisor Board" was added to the Mega Base, showing update logs and announcements for Galaxy. This has since been removed and was replaced first with an advertisement for the U.N.E., and later with the rule and update boards.
  • Boards as of version .75f
    In version .63h1, a rule board and an update log board was added at the place where the Community Advisor Board was located at. In-between the two is a smaller board promoting this very Wiki. These boards have essentially the same function as their predecessor, but separate new rules and new game updates. The Community Advisor Board was moved behind the Alien Embassy, however it has since been entirely removed.
  • Before the implementation of features such as universal credit totals and variable/demand-based ore prices, the Mega Base used to be the most difficult base to bankrupt of all its credits. This was due to Mega Base's price being fixed at a low price in the Economy Matrix; only Frion I could set prices lower than Mega Base.
  • Viper on display
    The latest model of the Mega Base (as of version .73f) has a Viper displayed on a stand near Terminal D.
  • In an unknown version, Mega Base invulnerability was removed, and Aliens are now able to attack it. If the Mega Base is destroyed, it unleashes a very powerful nuke upon exploding (which destroys most bases and ships in the vicinity of the explosion) and the server is shut down; with the message, "You failed to protect the crucially MegaBase. This galaxy is no more. Please play again!"
  • Currently has one of the largest explosion radii in the game, at a value of 4500 or a 40,500 stud radius. Many have lost their ship to the Mega Base exploding, so if it is under attack; take care to be aware of if it is exploding, or your ship may be exploded along with the Mega Base.
  • Broadcasts the following announcement when destroyed: The message says: "Fusion core reactor faliure. Status: Critical. All ships retreat to a distance exceeding 400 megastuds." One megastud is presumed to be 1,000,000 (one million) studs.