Mega Elanis

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

This page is about the Battlecruiser. If you're looking for the Fighter variant, see Elanis.

The Mega Elanis was a free Battlecruiser-class ship with surprisingly good weaponry. It is currently disabled. It is the only max speed ship with Turrets.


The Mega Elanis was a powerful ship with stats roughly between those of Battleships and Dreadnoughts. It is unobtainable and impossible to spawn due to a generation error.

It is a cheaply-made Elanis with another Elanis model turned 90 degrees. The arament is changed to 8 Small Railguns and you can even notice that the Mega Elanis has 2 cannons glitched into each other as a result of duplication. This shows the poorly made model which MAY have something to do with its loading error.

It was released during the April Fool's Event 2022 and taken offsale on April 2nd when the event ended.


There is no interior on the Mega Elanis, you are completely exposed to the infinite no-oxygen area of Galaxy.


  • AMAZING Dps for a Battlecruiser, and a single one can take down a Punisher.
  • Good health pool.
  • The fastest Battlecruiser BY FAR.
  • Shreds Hull.


  • Cannot be spawned in at the moment, rendering it useless.


  • Use this ship when it gets released and when it does, swarm your enemies in a brutal frenzy!
  • Go with an escort, such as a Carrier.
  • Keep it as a trophy, since it technically can't have any other use.

Version History

  • Brought to the Battlecruiser Build menu for free on March 31st, 2022, at the beginning of the April Fools' event.
  • Taken offsale with the end of the April Fool's Event 2022, while being unspawnable after that.


  • Was poorly made copied.
  • One of the 2 ships that was released for free on the April Fools' Event of 2022.