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The Meteor is a Destroyer Class ship.


The Meteor is a medium-sized ship with no windows and little interior. You enter by falling through the hood of the cockpit.


  • Decent damage, can deal with both shield and hull.
  • Incredibly cheap, highly disposable and has a large explosion for it's size, making it great for suicide runs.
  • Fast for its size, matching the Starblade in speed.
  • Flat shape, making it harder to hit.


  • Very fragile.
  • Dependent on skill of the pilot to aim Spinals.
  • Large for it's class, roughly Cruiser-sized.
  • No turrets.


  • Since this ship is very cheap, it can be used in a suicidal run with little cost.
  • As with all other Destroyers, avoid ships like the Ampharos and Mjolnheimr as their high accuracy turrets will shred you.
  • Don't get this ship if you can't use spinals.
  • Swarms are very effective with this ship due to its great Spinal firepower.

Version History

  • Turrets removed (1 Light Gatling Cannon, 1 Light Gatling Laser), 1 Small Cannon added, and received a remodel in version .69d.
  • Lost 1 Small Cannon in version .72e1?
  • Spinals nerfed from 4 Small Phasers/4 Small Cannons to 3 Tiny Phasers/3 Small Cannons, interval increased to 0.15s in version .72f1.


  • Some people used to call this a Mini Razor Wing.
  • The current model is a revamped version of the old Vansnova model.
  • The Meteor currently has the highest damage per second out of any non-limited destroyers, and is fourth to Permafrost, Viking, and Nightmare.