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An Industrial Miner mining Carbon Ore.

Mining Ores is one of Galaxy's core functions and is one of the roots of the economy in Galaxy. Its one of the main sources for Building ships and Gaining credits. Though mining is considered to be tedious, menial, and a grindy job in the game, as it requires lots of patience for average pay, at least for new players.

Mining has several advantages over other Money Making strategies, the paramount reason being the easiest and most accessible way to grind for ships and credits, especially in a VIP Server. However, mining has several drawbacks, the standouts being that many miners are slow and take a long time to fill their holds resulting in long and boring trips for small payouts. In addition, miners are vulnerable to Pirating when their Faction is in a war.

Mining also adds to your score every time you dump or sell ore.

Getting Started

To mine, just get a mining ship and click on an Ore's name box, it will light up and then when you click on the buttons for your Mining Laser/Turrets, or press their hotkey, they will start to mine, if they are in range. After a while either your Ore Hold gets full or the ore disintegrates. If your Ore Hold is full, find the nearest friendly Starbase, preferably your own team, and dock, then open the Menu and click "Dump Ore". There are two options for what to do with your ore: Selling (You give the starbase the ores and you get credits in exchange) and Transferring (The starbase refines the ores and transfers most of them to your warehouse).

Tips and Tricks

  • When mining in larger miners that can mine multiple asteroids in a single run, it's best to assign mining lasers to several ores, instead of focusing them all on the same one - this reduces the number of times you need to reassign your mining lasers, as each individual asteroid will last longer.
  • It is heavily advised to go home immediately after your team either declares or has war declared on them, as the 90 seconds of peacetime is likely your only chance of getting back to your base alive - miners don't have much health and are very slow and easy to hit, in addition to being expensive. This makes them very big targets for enemy pirates.
  • A Rorqual or Orca will assume slightly larger prices at the cost of some extra mining time. Always mine at high loyalties if you can spare the time.
  • If you're in a private server with 2-3 people, you can dump into one NPC base and keep dumping into it until you can't. Then, when you feel the time is right, you can blow up the base to collect the 10% of ore you put in. This is called Boom Mining (It's only worth doing when your base has a TON of materials).
  • Start transferring once you have 13 Loyalty and above as you get more money by selling the ore you transferred rather than dumping.
  • If your having trouble moving your camera and ship towards an Ore press X to shift the camera to your ship instead of character.


In Mining, there is a dedicated class of Ships called Miner Ships. Miner Class ships are solely used for mining Ores. These ships do not have any form of dedicated weaponry and tend to be slow, and have no damage resistance, which makes them extremely weak against attackers.

Important Notes:

  • Miners larger than the Rorqual CANNOT dock at the Mega Base, and will show a message that you cannot dock.
  • NEVER Mine during a war, you will be guaranteed to get dived by a pirate if you have a large and expensive miner.
  • Mining lasers can be used as weapons, however their damage is extremely low.

List Of Mining Ships:

List Of Limited Mining Ships:


Mining is used to bolster the territory of a Starbase/Planet, and make it rapidly expand often for many reasons including assimilation, Starbase Income, or pushing to Endgame early.

Money Making

There are several Money Making strategies which can give more than normal mining, and can be found in the Money Making page.

Version History

  • Loyalty now affects the percentage of ore that is transferred into your Warehouse via this second dump ore option in version .64h.
  • Version .64h, players can transfer 14% of their mined ores into their Warehouse. This method makes dump to the warehouse more profitable than selling to a starbase after about 11% Loyalty and is recommended for new players in the game, although it is still a viable option for all players to use, especially at higher loyalties.
  • Ores were remodeled in version .66b by bomb_pops.
  • Loyalty was capped at 33%, Causing a mining strategy known as High-Loyalty Mining to be less effective in an unknown version
  • Rather than immediately halting upon endgame, ore respawns are halted only when fewer than 3 factions remain, as of version .69b.
  • Ore asteroids were made slightly larger and now contain more raw material as of version .70a.
  • Ore prices for bases have a fixed price floor of 3.5x the mass of the ore; Mega Base ore prices auto-adjust based on normalized quantities as of version .70a.
  • Ore gained a lighting effect later on in version .75a4.