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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Monogram is an NPC previously used as the quest giver for Quest #8 – “Lost Drone.”


The Monogram's task is to analyze a drone locked within the ice of Aqueous II, but it is running out of power. The quest is to find 7 Ascension Crystals which can be found throughout the map and bought at Mega Base. The reward for this effort is 30,000 Credits.

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The Monogram can be found inside a small research station on an asteroid in the asteroid belt around Aqueous II.

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Quest Dialogue

Note that this quest is no longer active and cannot be completed

Monogram: "Hello human."

Player: "What are you?" or "Goodbye!"

Monogram: "I am a Monogram, also referred by you humans as an 'Artificial Intelligence'"

Player: "What is this place."

Monogram: "We are currently on a research outpost orbiting the body know to you as 'Aqueous II'"

Player: "What do you do here?"

Monogram: "I am currently [analyzing] the Steele drone locked within the ice."

Player: "Why not do it on the planet?"

Monogram: "It is not suitable there."

Player: "How long would it take"

Monogram: "I am unable to tell, I will run out of power in a few days"

Player: "Is there anything I can do to help?" or "I don't want your dumb prize!"

Monogram: "Yes, please bring me Ascension Crystals, such crystals will be usable as a power source"

Player: "How would I get such things? They sound rare" or "Goodbye!"

You have a new quest: Lost Drone -- Quest #8 Appears in Quest Menu

Monogram: "They can be purchased from the body known as 'Megabase' or found out in space"

Note that all secondary options (those that come after "or") will end the quest dialogue at that point.


  • The quest dialogue contains various grammar and punctuation errors.
  • There was a glitch that occurred when players attempted to repeat this quest. To resolve this, players would have to leave the server and rejoin to fix it.
  • The Monogram also appears as part of the pre-quest dialogue on Myriad III's moon.
  • This quest was disabled due to (artifact duplication glitches)?