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What is Multi-boxing?

Multi-boxing or multiboxing refers to playing as multiple separate accounts/players concurrently in a game. These separate accounts are often called alt (alternate) accounts, or just alts

It is advised to not attempt to multi-box on lower-end devices, as it may result in your device crashing

Applications of Multi-boxing?

  • People may enjoy making whole swarms of ships by themselves.
  • Makes farming easier.
  • It allows the multi-boxer to have a source of backup as and when they require.
  • Can spy other team chats.


  • It is easier to grind on different accounts if you're multi-boxing as compared to logging on to each individual account and grinding.
  • It provides a source of backup for the multi-boxer, especially if the multi-boxer's alts have battleships or even dreadnoughts.
  • Allows efficient kills as a multi boxer knows where and when to warp all ships rather than relying on people who may either not warp at the same time or have bad warping.
  • It allows the multi-boxer to make full use of a carrier's fighters, assuming that the multi-boxer does not have AI fighters, especially carriers with low number of fighters (Vanguard, Executioner, Prometheus etc.)
  • It allows the multi-boxer to have spies in other factions' chats, and give them an upper hand in combat.
  • It allows the multi-boxer to trigger boss spawns (Hellkeeper, Kodiak etc.)


  • Players may be unable to multi-box efficiently on lower-end devices, as the clients may lag excessively or even crash.
  • Multi-boxing is not a feature supported by Roblox, Apple, Microsoft or any other large tech company. As such, wannabe multi-boxers must be sure that they install the correct multi-boxing software and not a Trojan disguised as one.
  • It requires practice to be able to control your alts, especially once you have 3 or more active at once.

Methods for Multi-boxing

There are several methods for multi-boxing, and each one is unique in its own way. Some methods may be viable for certain players, whereas it may not be for others.

Using Multiple Devices to Multi-box

Using more than one computer is always an option, especially for individuals with an old computer lying around, which may not have anything better to be doing then rusting in a closet. While this may be a luxury for most players, some have the extra laptops sitting around to do this, and it is probably the simplest of the three to get working. Simply have another Roblox account, download Roblox for that computer, and start playing on both computers at once. This has the disadvantages of requiring multiple computers being already in your possession, and that it may be more difficult to cycle through both computers as they run. However, people with several weaker computers can execute this well enough if they can't do the below strategies, and it works well enough for what it is.

Using the Microsoft Version to Multi-box

Players using Windows have a way of having two Roblox games open at the same time, with little fuss. As part of Microsoft's push to become a gaming hub, they offer Roblox as an application on their store, which uses different software from the Roblox you may normally download online. Because of this, having both installed means you can play both the web version, and the Microsoft Store version on the same computer. This means you now have two Roblox applications open. This can be combined with with multi-computer multi-boxing if you do not wish to bother with the third type of multi-boxing. To be clear, this option is only functional if you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Using Third-party Software

This is the most common, and riskiest, method of multi-boxing. Third party multi-boxing allows you to open as many instances as your computer can handle. Many third-party applications are rather sketchy and flagged by antivirus software. It is recommended for players who do decide to use this path to ask around with more experienced players to learn which are safe and which aren't. Some third-party applications may also be Trojan-ware disguised as multi-boxing software.

The following are a few tools for multi-boxing on Roblox. Please note that these (exception of #3) are not created by or officially endorsed by Galaxypedia Staff.

Force Quitting on MacOS

This technique is a bit harder to implement due to Apple devices having poor gaming specs but if your Macbook is powerful enough, you could pull this off. This would involve opening an instance of Roblox and then navigating to the apple icon on the top toolbar. Once you have selected the icon, a force quit option will appear. Once that is open, you will force quit Roblox then run it again. A error message will appear but you can close the game. Re-open the game and then you can log off your main account and log on to as many alt accounts you need. The main advantage for this bug is that you do not need to rely on third-party software, and can open multiple instances of the game on different accounts.

Tips for Multi-boxing

  • Learn to Alt + Tab. It is considerably faster to alt tab between your alts than it is to select them from the toolbar menu.
  • Use a macro to switch between tabs, as it is faster than Alt + Tab. The most popular macro for this, written in AutoHotKey, is available here. Once you use this, you will need another macro to use turrets.


  • Close any tabs that are unnecessary to save on RAM and processing power
  • Turn down the graphics for each account to reduce the amount of processing power needed
  • Use rbxfpsunlocker to limit your frame rate to 30. This will drastically reduce the processing power required to run the instances of Roblox. This is not created by or officially endorsed by Galaxypedia staff, but is generally known to be safe. "At the engineering panel on day 1 of RDC 2019, Adam Miller, VP of Engineering & Technology at Roblox, made a personal guarantee that anyone using Roblox FPS Unlocker will not be banned from Roblox." [source]