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The Naglfar is a Dreadnought with very high Turn Speed.


The Naglfar is a long and thin Dreadnought with a rather balanced loadout that allows it to deal sufficient damage to both Shields and Hull. It is mostly grey with a few team-colored sections and an eagle symbol on its side akin to the one seen on the Devastation.


The Naglfar has no interior, much like the Cyclops had before it was updated.


  • Higher-than-average health and mobility.
  • One of, if not the best, base-defense Dreadnoughts.
  • Decent accuracy with its Super Flak Cannons.


  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Bad Turret placement against Ships below its class.
  • No defense against small ships unless they go above you and are very close.
  • Has below-average DPS for a Dreadnought, comparable to the Apocalypse.


  • Get under your target at all times to ensure the best lines of sight for your turrets.
  • Staying at longer range and firing using your Heavy Lasers will help to easily fight Dreadnoughts.
  • Have teammates with Hull-breaking ships to help after you destroy your target's shield.
  • Unless you are an insane pilot, if there is a Cobra or Cruiser that has ease getting under you, retreat or call in support to get rid of it.
  • Use the Spinals to significantly damage the hull of enemy ships.
  • It handles better than most Dreadnoughts, but always be alert. If reinforcements arrive, accelerate to top speed, weaken their Shields, and warp out.
  • Due to your lower Hull health, you must be careful when your shield becomes depleted. If it does happen to go down, call in backup and warp out.
  • If there are any base defenders, focus on them first. They pose a greater risk to you and your fleet than the Starbase.
  • Never tank in a siege. A Starbase would make short work of your shields.
  • Avoid ships with high mobility and heavy weapons, such as the Retribution and the Hawklight.
  • Work closely with your team when defending, especially if one of your teammates is in a ship that's excellent against hull to put ships out of action for a long repair, if not outright destroy them.
  • If you're an insane pilot, you can 2v1 a Starbase with the help of a Ridgebreaker or other Dreadnoughts with high shield and/or hull DPS. Never do this with a Starbase over level 3 unless you have a good Dreadnought with you; regardless, this is very dangerous, so don't do it unless you're willing to lose the ship, or otherwise always bring a fleet if you use this or other Dreadnoughts or Carriers.

Version History

  • Remodeled in .61h1
  • Shield health raised to 7000, Spinal size increased to huge and given an extra cannon barrel in version .68e.
  • 2 Capital Triple Lasers and 1 Triple Heavy Laser changed to 1 Triple Heavy Cannon and 2 Dual Medium Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Explosion Size 500 ----> 590 .75a12


  • It was once the cheapest Dreadnought to buy before its recent buff.
3rd Model
Naglfar Model after old
The Naglfar's Model Prior to version.61h1
  • Some people prefer the Sagittarius over this because it can support many different roles and has no blind spots. The Sagittarius is more expensive though.
  • The Slipstream is based on the Naglfar from EVE Online, and would've likely had that as its name if it wasn't taken by this ship.
  • Original model was created by Cob_ra, a user who is now an Adopt Me staff member.