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Incomplete Images

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Nautilus is a unique Battleship added unexpectedly on April 5th, 2020.


The Nautilus is an unexpected and powerful event ship added on April 5th, 2020. It is armed with its own unique Turrets called Enclaves, which float above and below their mounts on the ship.

Note: The model of the Nautilus is currently broken, but may receive a fix in the near future


The Interior starts with a cylinder shaped teleporter, which leads into a small room. The small room contains a seat and a circular computer and screen in front, with similar coloring to the outside.

Interior of the Nautilus


  • Balanced DPS, a combination of cannon Spinals and high damage Turrets.
  • Has high total health compared to other Battleships.
  • Great mobility for a Battleship.
  • Easily shreds any Battleship (though it has significant difficulty against Advanced battleships like the Helios or Imperator) and can take on some Dreadnoughts if the pilot is skilled enough.


  • Extremely expensive for a Battleship, costing 500,000+ credits if every material is bought from the Mega Base. This is especially unreasonable considering most Dreadnoughts can outperform it with less than half the price.
  • High warehouse level for a Battleship (most players experienced enough to afford this ship will already have enough space however).
  • Current model is broken (however this doesn’t change the performance much, it just doesn’t look as nice).
  • Requires good spinal aim for effective hull damage.
  • The quest to obtain its blueprint is a one-time deal, making it limited.


  • Be careful when using this ship, especially during war, as it costs more than most Dreadnoughts.
  • Use the turrets to shred the shield of an opponent, and then focus on spinals once the target is hulled.
  • Only use it when you do not have Battleship loyalty or need a more maneuverable ship, since most Dreadnoughts and even high DPS Battleships like the Panther can be more effective.
  • Use your cannons to easily finish off targets or steal kills.

Version History

  • Taken offsale in version ???
  • Both spinals received an additional Large Cannon (for a total of 3 Large Cannons per spinal) in version .72e1
  • Quest reactivated, price changed from 10,000 Uranium, 1 Alien Device, and 50,000 credits to 3,000 Uranium, 5,000 Alien Parts, 75 Plasma Batteries, and 40,000 credits in version .72e1
  • Quest requirements slightly changed from 5,000 Alien Parts to one Alien Device, and 75 Plasma Batteries to 65 Plasma Batteries in version .72e1
  • Re-enabled as a build menu ship in version .73c10, but now with additional material requirements, including a "Nautilus Blueprint" bought with 250,000 credits via a quest.


  • Added as a "secret" that requires a quest to build.
  • Previously considered not worth it due to high price and limited combat capabilities.
  • Can capture Myriad III in around 3 minutes.
  • The quest giver for the Nautilus  was previously found on a wreck 66k studs north of the Mega Base.
  • The top Enclaves are larger than the bottom Enclaves.
    Location of the Nautilus wreck
  • On 6/25/20 many Alien Parts were deposited into the Mega Base, resulting in the construction of many Nautiluses.
  • The location of the Nautilus Blueprint quest is Freedom Base, and the Thrust Components can be manufactured at the Leviathan wreck,.