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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

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The Necromancer is a boss AI ship added during the Halloween Event 2020


The Necromancer is the latest iteration of Halloween event bosses. Reports from players suggest that it is equivalent to a Prototype (such as the Kneall Prototype), which is supported by its Super-Capital Class map icon. It has a much higher turn speed than player Prototypes, making exploiting its blindspots more difficult.

Spawn Conditions

The Necromancer will be capable of spawning when a server has at least 6 players, and the round time passes 60 minutes.


The Necromancer is armed with over 10 turrets, all of which independently shoot on their own.


The Necromancer has a small blindspot below the ship, but none behind, above, to the sides or in front. The one blindspot it does have is nearly impossible to exploit for more than a few seconds due to the incredibly high turn speed, and attempting to stay in this blindspot is very dangerous for all ships, regardless of speed and size..

Unlike previous bosses, distractions with small, fast ships like the Viper and Draco are almost useless as it tends to ignore any potential distractions, instead focusing on larger more valuable ships and bases which pose bigger threats. More powerful Battleships, or bases and planets, are required to both tank the high damage as well as deal enough damage to destroy it. It is vital that there are other ships to kill the scourges and serv's. If you don't have a large enough fleet and your base isn't max it will most likely die if you don't have any battleships, dreads or maybe even a carrier if you can coordinate your team and have them use the fighters. A good strategy when baiting it to your base is have a speed tank like a viper and hit the scourges with it or the necro and they will focus you sometimes the necro will be locked on to the base and you cannot get it to focus you but if the other aliens focus you, you have a high chance of success. When I did it with a lvl 5 starbase and a couple sips it got my base to 3k hull and when it had shield it was losing 1k shield every 2 seconds from necro so BEWARE.

  • The necromancer has a similar explosion radius to the prototype (20k range). The explosion takes out every nearby alien ship, making for safer looting afterward. Try not to use planets to kill the necromancer, because if the planet is on low enough health when the necromancer dies, the explosion damage will assimilate said planet into the alien team.
  • A good strategy is to upgrade a base to its max (Preferably a Starbase or the Mothership) and then wait for the necromancer to warp to it or lure it to it. While the base is doing high damage on the Necromancer and the other aliens use a large and tanky ship to soak damage while both you and the base/planet deal as much damage as possible. If you do not have a fleet to support you, it is best to kill as many Servs and Scourges as possible before engaging the Necromancer to minimize damage taken.
  • Another option with the Mothership is to let the Necromancer destroy the base and the explosion of the Mothership will take out the Necromancer as well as the other ships around it including other aliens and any other player ships that don't warp out in time. This only works if a player ship remains to keep the Necromancer's attention while the Mothership is exploding. If the Necromancer has nothing else to attack after it has killed the Mothership, it will warp away and survive the explosion.


  • Currently appears to be broken. 1111 Silicate, 731 Carbon, 568 Iridium, 77 Adamantite, 110 Palladium, 87 Titanium, 87 Quantium, 23 Uranium, and 0 pumpkins. This data was gathered from this video.

Version History

  • Gamma pumpkin drop rate nerfed in version .69b1 (? -> ?)
  • AI updated in version .69b1—should no longer go out of bounds, should no longer attack safe dock ships, should no longer be distracted by player ships.
  • Health and DPS reduced, loot increased in version .69b1.


  • Commonly mistaken for just being a neon ring, the Necromancer has a ring made up of Kneall writing that seems to translate to "Hollowborn."
  • This ship was once on sale in the Build Menu during Part 2, costing 220,259 Silicate, 195,131 Iridium, 189,268 Carbon, 90,148 Adamantite, 95,840 Palladium, 91,800 Titanium, 88,128 Quantium, and 39,658 Uranium. The manufacturing fee was 819,269 credits.
  • A picture of the necromancer on the map can be seen below:
    Necromancer on the map