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Neiryx is an Alien NPC that allows players to start the "Advanced Systems" quest.

Neiryx is an Alien Slarfie NPC found in the Mega Base that acts as the starting point for quest 20222, "Advanced Systems," which allows players to acquire the item "Advanced Systems" required to build the Kraken and Borealis.

The Items that the quest needs to build the Advanced Systems are the following:

  • 1 Quantum Core
  • 2 Data Archives
  • 2 Antimatter Shards
  • 2 Ascension Crystals


Neiryx is found reading a book called "No Comment, a Guide to Building Suspense" in the Terminal A [Library] inside the Mega Base.

Where Neiryx is located.

Quest Dialogue

Neiryx: shh, i'm busy

Player: Sorry, do you know about Advaned Systems?

Neiryx: yes

Player: Can you tell me how?

Neiryx: no comment

Player: Can you tell me how?

Neiryx: no comment

Player: Seriously, can you please tell me how?

Neiryx: no comment

Player: I just want to know.

Neiryx: Fine, i'll make one for you. It needs a Quantum Core, two powerful data processors, two crystals with specific and unique properties, and two shards of antimatter. Come back when you have it.

Player: Okay, thanks.

Neiryx: Take your time.

Player receives quest #20222, "Advanced Systems".

When speaking with Neiryx again,

Neiryx: You're back.

Player: Alright, can you build it now?

Neiryx: Fine. I built it. Here.

if player has the required items, they receive the item "Advanced Systems" as a reward.


  • The only known quest giver that belongs to the Slarfie race.
  • "no comment" references Galaxy Creator yname's tendency to reply many messages with that phrase.