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The Nemesis is a powerful Dreadnought with both Spinal and Turret capabilities.


The Nemesis is a Dreadnought-class ship designed for multi-purpose use. With its large variety of weaponry and very high damage output, it is a great all-rounder Dreadnought, performing well in both ship-to-ship combat and Starbase sieges. It is recommended for players who can aim Spinal weapons well, as they are crucial to winning ship-to-ship battles. Overall, this is a great ship for experienced players.


New Interior

You enter the ship through a teleporter that takes you to a staircase. Go up the staircase, behind you is the captain's chair and in front of you is a picture of the ship's creator, Pleeber.

Old-ish Interior

The current interior is still in its unfinished state. As it is currently, the exterior teleporter is now located on the rear right engine. This teleporter takes players to a moderately sized room with moderate detail. The room has detailed walls and a large square in the center that serves as the pilot's seat. There is nothing else to the interior currently that players can access, but if you rotate the camera through the hull of the ship while sitting in the pilot's seat you can see the beginnings of a small meeting room and stairs leading down to it, however, there is currently no way to get to this area.

Old Interior

There are two ways to enter the ship. The first is by using the teleporter, which takes a player straight to the bridge. If the player chooses to go through the door just past the teleporter, they will enter a hallway that branches directly to the left and right. Both sides of the hallway lead to a balcony overlooking a large table with lordmoneymonkey's roblox character decal on it and surrounded by seats. The balconies converge at the other side of the room at a staircase leading down to the meeting room. Just before the staircase, there is an airlock on either side that enters the bridge.

The bridge is a highly decorated room with an elevated captain's chair at the center. At the back of the room, between the two airlocks, is a teleporter that leads back out to between the engines.


  • Variety of Turrets.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • All Turrets have a good line of sight.
  • Highly Balanced
  • A great all-around ship.
  • High damage output.


  • Not as effective in team fights as other Dreadnoughts, but works great for other roles.
  • Requires good aim with Spinals.
  • Large blindspot on the rear and under of the ship.
  • Weak Spinals compared to other Dreadnoughts.


  • The Nemesis is a good choice for PvP, as it has good acceleration and powerful Turrets that allow it to quickly enter into a stern chase or destroy a target that is above it.
  • Attack targets from below while pointed at them to maximize the turret line of sight and spinal positioning.
  • Never let any ships with high mobility, such as the Black Flare, etc. get under you. They will most likely stay under you and will be able to shoot you with you not being able to defend.

Version History


  • The Nemesis was one of the ships to be chosen for the 2017 Halloween Event. Its remodel is known as the Frankenemi, which still currently retains the Nemesis's original interior.
  • The ship's 3rd model took Lordmoneymonkey 21 hours to build.
  • Occasionally used by faction leaders as a place to have faction meetings.
  • Used to have the most detailed interior of any ship.

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