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The Nidhogg is a fast Cruiser with powerful Shield breaking capabilities.


The Nidhogg is a fast Cruiser with Shield-Breaking capabilities. It can be compared to the Sixfold or Lusso in terms of Spinal output, however, the Spinals on this ship do more damage than both of them.

The exterior is shaped like a cone, with inverted wings on the end of the ship.


The Nidhogg has no interior. There is just a black pass-through cover over a small square pilot's seat.


  • Has very high Shield damage.
  • Very high health for its class.
  • Decent maneuverability.
  • Balanced health.
  • Large Cargo hold.


  • Against ships with high hull integrity, it is unable to make a real dent.
  • Quite expensive for its class.
  • Rather bad turret placement.
  • Both the Spectre and Nova are marginally better than this, both beating it in spinal weaponry, Turrets and cost.


  • Stay in fleets or groups of smaller cruisers.
  • While pirating is a viable option, it's much more suited for fleet PvP.

Version History

  • Added in .60d
  • Light Laser swapped for Light Flak in version .65a6.
    • The same version made the point where the spinals fired invisible
  • Received a 3rd light Flak Cannon in version .66b.
  • Received a remodel in version .67c.
  • 3 Small Phasers removed in an unknown version.
  • 1 Small Phaser removed in version .71c.


  • Similar to the Sixfold or Lusso in damage output.
  • This is one of few Ships that have no interior.
  • This ship's design shares a lot in common with the Scimitar from the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Not to be confused with Galaxy's Scimitar.
  • The barrels on this ship are still invisible.
  • A highly seen cruiser since it is has good DPS and can do a ton of damage to large ships
  • Current remodel is based off the Rifter from EVE Online
  • Commonly used by pirates