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The Nighthawk is a fast but weak Fighter.


The Nighthawk is a fighter similar to the Xenophile but with a focus on shield health rather than hull health. However, it is one of the slowest Fighters in the game. It only spawns on the Lucifer Station.


Like all fighter class ships, the Nighthawk has little in the way of an interior.


  • Small ship, making it quite difficult to destroy.
  • Can assist in wearing down enemy shields.
  • Deadly in swarms.


  • Spinals do little damage to hull.
  • Low total health of 150, even Wasp can deal with this because Mining Lasers can attack other ships now and are shield based.
  • Only effective against shields.
  • Slow speed for a fighter.


  • Work with other Fighters to take down larger ships.
  • Use with other Fighters to distract a Starbase's lasers in a siege.
  • Use its speed to scout a Starbase. You can jump out of the ship above the Starbase and stand inside and give information about ships and Starbase condition.
  • Avoid ships with high maneuverability or lots of small turrets. Ships like the Tempest, Ampharos and most Cruisers will easily take fighters down, especially at close range.

Version History

  • Buffed in .75a3.
  • Remodeled in .64f.
  • Started spawning on Frion I's Lucifer Station in an unknown version.
  • Shield increased from 50 to 125, Hull reduced from 150 to 25, Top Speed reduced to 170 and received a remodel in version .69a2.


  • Because of how rare it is to see these ships in Galaxy, many players are surprised to know it still exists. It is only known to spawn inside the Hevnetier.
  • Used to spawn in Starbases until they started to only spawn Furies.
  • Has 4 reskins in the form of 3 separate Fighters and 1 Admin Ship; Firehawk, Bonehawk, IceFyre, and the Spectating Ship.
  • It looks very similar to a raven from starcraft.