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This ship is currently offsale due to glitches, remodeling, or other issues. Players that already own this ship may still use it, but no new ones can be built.

Incomplete Images

This page contains incomplete images. If anyone can update the page with images from the front, sides, and back, please do so. Once the images have been corrected, this notice can be removed.

The Nimitz is a unique Carrier with some of the only Turret-equipped Fighters in the game.


The Nimitz is a Fighter-based Carrier carrying three different fighter variants; the Instigator, the Foxfire and the Interceptor F. It has a fairly large amount of health. The Nimitz has a large range of accurate Turrets for hunting down small ships or while standing ground to cover a retreat or allow time for Fighter pilots to arrive.


The Nimitz has a large interior spanning 4 decks, and has the largest interior of any ship within the game.

Cargo Deck

The cargo deck has many large cargo containers in red and green, as well as a crane attached to the ceiling which would supposedly move the containers. 3 Hangars are accessible via the cargo deck, as well as a long corridor which can found next to the entrance to the cargo deck. At the far end of the cargo deck is a window which can be used to view out of the front of the ship.

Upper Fighter Deck

The upper fighter deck holds 3 Instigator fighters, and 2 Foxfire fighters. This deck is the largest of all of the decks and has a walkway which can be accessed from in front of the superstructure and has 3 stairs down to the lower fighter deck. There are 2 interconnected entrances into the superstructure, one marked 'BRIDGE' and one marked 'CARGO', which lead to their respective decks, however there is a corridor connecting them. There is a broken component housing panel to the right of the entrances.

Lower Fighter Deck

The lower fighter deck holds 3 Interceptor F fighters. These are identical to the previous Interceptor fighters, but have been remodelled. Each landing pad has a stairway that connects to the upper fighter deck.

Bridge and Crew Habitation

You can get to the bridge in several ways. There is a teleporter immediately at the entrance to the ship which leads directly to the pilot seat. There is also a large hallway leading from the upper fighter deck which connects to the main corridor area. The Bridge has a large circular hologram, which users can walk around to get to the pilot seat. There is also a holographic table and the ship's gravity generator. Upon entering the bridge, turning right will lead you to the crew habitation area. This has a table for the crew as well as 8 beds for the crew and fighter pilots.


  • Balanced firepower and accuracy in both the Carrier itself and its Fighters.
  • High health.
  • Accurate Turrets.
  • Variety of powerful Fighters.
  • Large amount of powerful Fighters gives it incredible damage potential, especially if they are AI Fighters.
  • Extremely high acceleration for it's class.


  • Large blind spots near the sides and under the ship.
  • Not much in firepower against larger Ships like Dreadnoughts.
  • No Spinals.
  • Sacrifices firepower for Fighters.
  • Not very good at Sieging or attacking other ships without teammates or AI to pilot the Fighters.
  • The amount of Fighters might be unnecessary as you need enough players or AI to pilot them.
  • Unused fighters are exposed to fire from enemies, allowing them to be destroyed before taking off.
  • Very laggy due to the very huge and detailed interior.
  • Unable to fire all Turrets at once, as a result of a turret being partially inside the ship (and the line of sight for that turret is blocked also).
  • VERY expensive at over half a million.
  • Currently not on the build menu, due to lag issues causing from it, because of this, you can't get it back if destroyed while it is not on the build menu.


  • Make sure your team uses the Fighters against the same target.
  • The runway can be used to easily land and regroup Fighters without recalling them, or for a Fighter to flee from a small ship, as the Nimitz destroys the other ship.
  • Use your high accuracy Turrets to defend yourself and your Fighters from smaller ships.
  • Whatever you do, do not turn around or lean forward with this ship, as you will throw the pilots off if they are not in a seat.
  • Fighters can block spinals and protect your carrier from blind spots.
  • Pre-organize a group of players large enough to utilize most of the fighters on the Nimitz prior to spawning it, such as over a discord call or community group. A coordinated team gathered into the Nimitz fighters can create a swarm capable of demolishing virtually any opponent, even Ships like Dreadnoughts and Super Capitals.
  • Do not lose it, or you will not be able to get it back due to being off sale (aside from refunds).
  • Do not purchase it if you use a lower end device or if you have unreliable internet as you may disconnect and lose it.

Version History

  • Remodeled on March 24, 2018 and upscaled slightly on the 26th.
  • Rebalanced in version .61e; Health raised to 4650/5900, Top Speed reduced to 21, Acceleration reduced to 3, Turn Speed reduced to 0.03 and Cargo Hold increased to 1200.
  • Turn Speed increased from 0.03 to 0.05 in an unknown version.
  • Shields increased to 5860 in version .68b.
  • Remodeled and buffed in version .68d, Acceleration increased from 3 to 50, added one more Interceptor, health increased from 5860/5900 to 10000/8000, and Turret loadout changed to 2 Medium Flak Cannons, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons and 3 Heavy Point Defense Lasers.
  • 13 Interceptors were switched out with 3 Instigators, 3 Interceptor F and 7 Foxfires in version .68e.
  • Taken out of build menu in version .69d2 for violating lag protocol.