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The Nimitz is a unique Carrier that has a major emphasis on Fighters and their firepower.


The Nimitz is a Fighter-based Carrier carrying three different fighter variants; the Interceptor F, the Foxfire and the Instigator.

Nimitz has a large range of accurate Turrets for hunting down small ships or while standing ground to cover a retreat or allow time for Fighter pilots to arrive.


The Nimitz is a long carrier that has a strong resemblance to the ship its based on; The Nimitz but with a futuristic steampunk like ship design added to it like the addition of ship Thrusters on the front and back of the ship, additional fins jutting out of the ship, along with an unusual carrier runway. There is a text that says "Death To UNE" written on a part of the ship, similar to the one found on Naglfar.

The Nimitz has one of the largest interiors in the game, spanning 3 floors, with numerous hallways connecting each one, which can make the player easily lost. The top floor features 3 Rooms. First is the Bridge, which features the pilot seat, along with a holographic globe behind the seat. On the side of the bridge is a holographic table with multiple shapes on it. The second room is an empty room with a table in the middle, The third room is a living quarters full of beds. Two floors down, is where the cargo bay and the hangar can be found, which span the entire underside of the ship. The cargo bay is the largest room in the ship, with multiple containers around the area, and doors that access the Hangars of the fighters found on the side of the Nimitz.

Fighter Deck

The Fighter deck spans almost the entirety of the ship deck, with multiple fighters docked on top of it, and at the side. There are also fighter decks located on the side of the ship, which can be accessed via the cargo bay.


  • Carrier itself has accurate Turrets for fending off small ships.
  • Variety of powerful Fighters.
  • Large amount of powerful Fighters gives it incredible damage potential.
  • Extremely high acceleration for it's class.
  • It has an explosion radius of 1250, rivaling that of Super Capital nukes and can destroy full health Dreadnoughts.
  • Has the highest Fighter DPS of any BM Carriers at a monstrous 946.


  • Large blind spots near the sides and under the ship.
  • Almost defenseless without its fighters against capital ships or swarms.
  • Sacrifices firepower for Fighters.
  • VERY high cost to equip all fighters with AI pilots, costing 3250 robux in total without VIP.
  • It's extremely powerful nuke will be a threat to your own fleet/team when your ship is destroyed.


  • Do not use this ship alone. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust, as your low health will catch up to you if you are Dived.
  • Make sure you use the Fighters against the same target.
  • The runway can be used to easily land and regroup Fighters without recalling them, or for a Fighter to flee from a small ship.
  • Use your high accuracy Turrets to defend yourself and your Fighters from smaller ships.
  • It can be used as a support Carrier in sieges by carrying Fighters to distract enemy Starbases, as well as providing great support from its large fighter swarm.
  • Fighters can support and protect your carrier from blind spots.
  • Pre-organize a group of players large enough to utilize most of the fighters on the Nimitz prior to spawning it, such as over a discord call or community group. A coordinated team gathered into the Nimitz fighters can create a swarm capable of demolishing virtually any opponent, even Ships like Dreadnoughts and Super Capitals.
  • Warp in, release all your fighters and warp out as soon as you can to your nearest or strongest Starbase.
  • If you think your ship will be destroyed, Warp your ship away as far as possible from your own fleet or starbase as the nuke has a whopping radius of 12,500 studs, and if possible, you can warp to the enemy's fleet or starbase to bring the nuke there instead.

Version History

  • Remodeled & Buffed on December 19, 2021. All fighters were removed from the game and new ones were introduced. Nimitz's hull went to 10,000 buffing the 8,000 it had before. The version this happened is to be believed .75a1.
  • Remodeled on March 24, 2018, and upscaled slightly on the 26th.
  • Rebalanced in version .61e; Health raised to 4650/5900, Top Speed reduced to 21, Acceleration reduced to 3, Turn Speed reduced to 0.03 and Cargo Hold increased to 1200.
  • Turn Speed increased from 0.03 to 0.05 in an unknown version.
  • Shields increased to 5860 in version .68b.
  • Remodeled and buffed in version .68d, Acceleration increased from 3 to 50, added one more Interceptor, health increased from 5860/5900 to 10000/8000, and Turret loadout changed to 2 Medium Flak Cannons, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons and 3 Heavy Point Defense Lasers.
  • 13 Interceptors were switched out with 3 Instigators, 3 Interceptor F and 7 Foxfires in version .68e, which were then switched out with 11 Foxfires, 1 V-22 Osprey-S and 1 V-22 Osprey-H in version .75a5.
  • Taken out of build menu in version .69d2 for violating lag protocol.
  • 3rd model was reverted to the 2nd model as the 3rd model caused lag issues.
  • Heavy PDL count reduced from 2 to 1 in version .75a5
  • Health pool nerfed from 9000 shield, 8000 hull to 8000 shield 3000 hull, nuke was buffed shortly afterwards in version .75a5.
  • Reverted model to HannahB548's model and complete overhaul of the ship including its fighters in version .75a36.


  • It's old model is based on the Nimitz class supercarrier, from which it also gets its name.
  • It's 3rd model is based on the Drake Kraken from Star Citizen.
  • The Carrier that carries the second most Fighter variants, at a count of 3, only beaten by the Alpha Ship, at a count of 6.
  • One of three Carriers to have Fighters docked on the exterior of the Carrier, the others being the Frostfires from the Hailstorm and the Hunters from the Executioner.
  • Has the most Fighters out of all other Carriers.
  • In an older version of the Nimitz, some of the former Fighters on the ship occasionally will bug out and will only do loop-de-loops when piloted.
  • The previous model had a Hydra symbol on one of the screens.