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The Nisos is a balanced ship, mostly used in Battleship sieges.


The Nisos is a Battleship that that can do a lot of damage to shields. The Nisos is quite fast for its class, and has plenty of range from it's 2 Medium Energy Laces and 1 Heavy Laser.


You walk onto a teleporter, which leads to a small room with a desk, a chair, 3 screens, a picture of SuperChip15, and a model of an Alien Swarmer.


  • Good speed, acceleration and maneuverability for a Battleship.
  • Has great shield-breaking capabilities.
  • Cheap cost compared to most Battleships.
  • Nice mix of Alpha and DPS overall.
  • Heavier turrets have great range.
  • Good health pool.
  • Despite the vulnerable backside, it is a very small blind spot.


  • Low amounts of hull-damaging Turrets, and spinals are very ineffective against hull.
  • Large target, easy to hit with Spinals.
  • Vulnerable underside.


  • Excellent team PvP choice.
  • Remember to back down and retreat if you encounter a Dread or Battleship mostly based on hull.
  • Using spinals are necessary to unlock this ship's full potential.

Version History


  • The previous Nisos model was based off a ship from the game Faster Than Light. Said ship is also known as the Federation Cruiser B.
  • It is also one of the least-known ships in the game, with most players unaware of its existence.
  • Used to be a shield-breaker, but the Turrets were switched for the anti-hull variants. Now it is back to being a shield breaker.
  • The second model was originally meant to be a Warlock remodel. Which explains the similiarities between them.
  • Has unique Spinal sound effects.