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The Nova is a Cruiser class ship focusing heavily on Spinal Weaponry.


The Nova is a powerful Spinal-based Cruiser. The spinals that are fired from this ship come from the left and right wings. It is mostly flat in shape, which can make it hard to hit.


The interior is nothing more than a simple cockpit containing the pilot's seat.


  • High Spinal Firepower.
  • Good maneuverability.
  • Has decent health.
  • High damage to Shields due to its laser arsenal.
  • A good ship to support a fleet.
  • Flat shape makes it hard to hit with heavier weapons.


  • Very low Turret Firepower.
  • Low Hull damage, with only the Medium Cannon against it.
  • Very vulnerable blindspots.
  • Relatively low health.
  • Slightly slower than other ships of its class.


  • Make sure to hit with all Spinals.
  • Go in large ship's blind spots and harass them with your Lasers.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .67e?


  • The original model had a large cannon on its back, which may have made new players think it was much more powerful than it actually was.
  • When some players buy it and look at it, it looks very armed.