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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships and can be built on the build menu

The Oblivion is a powerful Super Capital Ship and is a powerful all-rounder.


The Oblivion is a powerful all-rounder Super Capital Ship. It is the third Super Capital to be added to the build menu. Its high health and high damage output allow it to take on most enemy ships effectively.


The interior of the Oblivion is a small circular room containing three screens, a trash can and the pilot's seat. There is a secret teleporter next to the trash can that leads to a secret shrine dedicated to Elon Musk.


  • Overall decent damage output for a Super Capital.
  • Fairly good mobility for it's size.
  • Large healthpool allows it to take a beating from enemy ships.
  • Large explosion value of 1250.
  • High Hull damage makes it great for finishing off crippled ships.


  • Low range due to lack of long-range Turrets.
  • Very large making it easy for Spinals to hit you more easily.
  • Inaccurate Turrets leave it prone to being swarmed by smaller, faster ships.
  • Vulnerable underside.
  • A worse ship for the cost when compared to the Deity, as not only is this ship far less maneuverable than the Deity, the damage output isn't really that much better than the Deity at all, and has near identical HP totals with the Deity having only 500 less total HP.
  • Struggles to PvP all the other Super Capitals in the game, including the Astraeus if it is not supported by another Capital Ship or a couple sub-capital ships.
  • Somewhat vulnerable to a fleet of shield breaking ships, due to the small majority of the HP being in Shields.


  • Take caution when fighting shield breaking ships such as the Zeus and Sagittarius, as they will be able to quickly burn down a majority of your healthpool.
  • Stay under your enemies to deal as much Turret damage as possible.
  • Use in a fleet as Super Capitals will be targeted.

Version History

  • Added in .66b
  • Disabled in .66b along with the other Super Capital Ships due to Weapons Part and Alien Part duplicating.
  • Re-added in .66b with a cost of 5 million Credits instead of 2.5mil Credits, 33000 Uranium, and 1000 Silicate.
  • Price nerfed to 2 million Credits in version .66b.
  • Turret placement changed in version .66c.
  • Added to the build menu, turret loadout changed, and acceleration/turn speed increased from 8/0.1 to 13/0.15 in version .72e1.


  • The second super capital ship to have spinals.
  • The ship contains a hidden room nicknamed by the galaxy player base the "Church of Musk". The teleporter for this secret area (while slightly buggy) can be found near the left screen. However, the room is currently broken and if a player teleports into it they become stuck and cannot move. Most of the time they are able to rotate to use the teleporter again but occasionally they get stuck and have to reset.
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