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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.


Operator is the quest NPC that builds the Ship Aludra in the Christmas Event 2022.

The Items that the quest needs to build the Aludra are the following:


The quest is located above the U.N.E Starbase in a section called the Research Station, inside that research station can the NPC be found.

The U.N.E Research Station above its starbase

Quest Dialogue

[Operator]: We're creating a weapon.

[Player]: What kind of weapon?

[Operator]: It's a ship that will drive off the remnant for good.

[Player]: Can i get one?

[Operator]: For the right price, sure.

Player receives quest.

When speaking with Operator again,

[Operator]: Do you have the things?

[Player]: Yeah, now give me the ship.

[Operator]: Alright, here you go.

if player has the required items, they receive the ship Aludra as a reward.