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The Oppressor is a powerful Frigate.


The Oppressor is a Frigate which focuses on Spinal power, while also having high speeds to evade other ships.


The Oppressor has a simple interior, with a pilot's seat, a small screen with a targeting reticle, a joystick on the left, 4 glowing rectangles, and a black circle on the bottom of the controls.


  • Cheap.
  • Good health for a Frigate.
  • Good Spinals for a Frigate.
  • Solid hull-breaker


  • Relies on the pilot having good spinal aim
  • Very low turret firepower compared to spinals
  • Spinals don't have a large range, as they are either tiny or small


  • Attempt to exploit a larger ship's blindspots.
  • Use this in swarms for effectiveness
  • Best for hunting down hulled ships with its 8 tiny cannons

Version History

  • Cargo Hold increased from 35 to 65 in version .66b
  • Received 1 Tiny Laser, turn speed increased to 0.80, top speed increased to 235 from 220, shield and hull reduced to 330 Shield and 350 Hull from 350 Shield and 380 Hull in version .72c20.


  • Based on the ship from Destiny 1, the Ceres Galliot
  • A popular Frigate for being cheap and having high damage output.
  • The Oppressor's description has three different typo, even spelling its own name wrong.
  • One of the first ships to receive Tiny Turrets.