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Rare Ore Quadrants, showing the Dead Zone as red.

For information on Mining read the Mining page.

Ores are rocky materials used mainly to build ships and the make credits. These materials are a core part of mining.

Ores have a mass which is measured in Cubic Meters, which, in Galaxy, is a measurement of how much space the Ore will take up in a ship's Ore Hold, Cargo Hold, or in a player's Warehouse. This is something to keep in mind when Trading or Mining because it can affect the amount of money players make.

Each Ore mined spawns a new Ore somewhere in the server, however, when a server is in Endgame status, Ores will have their spawns disabled, though ores will start spawning again if there are more than 2 Factions in Endgame state.

All ships in the Build Menu (excluding the Wasp and Wyrm) require at least some Silicate, Carbon, and Iridium. Higher tier ships require Adamantite, Quantium, Titanium, and Palladium as well as Uranium.


Common Ores; Silicate, Carbon and Iridium are found commonly scattered throughout the map of Galaxy. These ores also spawn in a large cluster near Starbases and Planets.

Rare Ores; Adamantite, Palladium, Titanium and Quantium, are only found in what is called a Quadrant. A Quadrant is any of the four parts into which a plane is divided by rectangular coordinate axes lying in that plane. In this case, axes that separates the Quadrants is called a Dead Zone, in which little to no rare ores can be found. More explanation can be found below.

Uranium Ore; Uranium Ore, a unique type of ore, is found scattered all around the map just like Common Ores, but is much more scarce and harder to find.

In the image shown on the right, the map highlights the 4 Quadrants on the 4 Corners and the middle square being Mega Base, these are where Rare Ores of each type spawn on each one of quadrants. The Red Zone shows where it is not possible for Rare Ores to spawn. Keep in mind that 2 Types of Rare Ores cannot spawn at the same quadrant (e,g Palladium and Quantium at the same time cannot be on the magenta quadrant).

Note: Rare Ore types are not fixed in 1 Quadrant, instead they are randomized after each round reset or server reset.