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The Orion is a heavy Cruiser, borderline battlecruiser made by the U.N.E. that has very high health for a Cruiser, decent Spinal damage, and light turrets in case any small ships attack.


The Orion is a slow Cruiser. It carries 2 Small Lasers and 1 Medium Laser, it is capable of good Spinal Weaponry use, but is slow for a ship of its class.


On the back of the Orion is a teleporter that leads to a small room which contains nothing but the pilot's seat. The current model is partially broken due to an admin deleting several ship meshes.


  • High-damaging Spinals.
  • Decent support ship.
  • Highest health of any non-event Cruiser.
  • A few light turrets to defend against small ships.


  • Vulnerable bottom and sides.
  • Slow for a Cruiser.
  • Not much Turret firepower, they do not do much against capital ships.
  • Lack of Flak or Cannon Turrets, meaning you must use its Spinals in order to deal Hull damage.
  • Large for a Cruiser.


  • Escort larger ships for sieges and use its Small Cannons to kill attacking ships.
  • Moderately effective against a single Alien Swarmer, but does not fare well against larger groups.
  • Use your Spinals to deal damage to capital ships, and your Turrets to attack small ships.

Version History


  • Named after a famous star constellation, Orion the Hunter.
  • The current model is based on the Veteran from Galaxy on Fire 2.
  • The U.N.E have used this ship in the past.
  • Has a limited version, the Cold Blood.
  • A wreck of the Orion is currently stuck in the slleping pod room of the Mega Base.
Old Orion Model