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This page is about the Shipyards. If you're looking for the Halloween NPC Base, see Ø₴łⱤł₴ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦.

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  • Known for creating the Osiris, a powerful Advanced Dreadnought.
  • The Osiris Legion Shipyards are based on the ringworld Hyperant, where they produced the Hyperion,[1] a Super Capital Ship which was later modified by and engraved with the logo of the White Collar Society (WCS).[2]
  • The Osiris Legion fell at some point prior to the modification of the Osiris by Event Horizon Shipyards.[3]
  • Besides the Osiris, Osiris Legion were the creators of the Imperator, a dreadnought-like advanced Battleship, and the Oblivion, a Super Capital Ship.
  • Osiris Legion controlled the Osiris Navy,[4] including the Osiris Royal Fleet,[5] a presumably immense force to be reckoned with.
  • The Cyber Leviathan has an Osiris Legion flag hidden inside its model.[6]
  • The in-game description of the Lazarus seems to indicate that it was made by Osiris Legion Shipyards,[7] though there is some ambiguity in the phrase "Osiris scientists studied the relic for decades to make this warship possible." as both "the relic" and "this warship" seem to refer to the Lazarus (in lieu of any well-known "relic") resulting in a paradoxical contradiction.
  • The Prototype X-1 appears to have been made in part by the Osiris Legion Shipyards,[8] although it is primarily a U.N.E-designed ship.
  • The Theia was originally designed by the Osiris Legion Shipyards,[9] before it was modified by the shipyards of Event Horizon.
  • The Borealis is a carrier that was built on the same planet as the Hyperion[10].

Osiris Legion Ships:

Super Capital





Osiris Legion flag
The flag of the Osiris Legion (right), with the UNE flag, as well as the flag of the Xeriron Industries in an old model of the Mega Base.


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