Patriotic Harvester

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Patriotic Harvester is a limited variant of the Harvester.


  • The Patriotic Harvester is a limited buffed and reskinned version of the Harvester.


The interior is very simple with just a chair.


  • High mobility.
  • Small, making it hard to hit.
  • Decent speed.
  • Has a mining speed buff since it is a limited ship.
  • Very large health pool for a ship of this size.


  • Small Ore Hold.
  • Slow Acceleration and Deceleration.
  • Aliens often target Miners.
  • Since this ship is of limited availability, pirates will target this ship.


  • Make sure to constantly check for hostile ships heading in your direction. Constantly check your Minimap.
  • Watch out if you're at War, you're likely to be ambushed.
  • Don't mine at the Mega Base if you are at War and you aren't protected.
  • Don't take risks at all.

Version History


  • The first Patriotic Harvester to die was Arkiteckt's and it was killed by HappyKari8899's Osiris.
  • This ship has a health pool identical to that of the Freedom Galaxy.