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Permits are special Materials used in the creation of ships on the Limited Build Menu. They are typically available exclusively at the Mega Base, and are quite expensive compared to other purchasable components.

The current price of Build permits can be checked from the Mega Base, or if not possible, in the Galaxy Discord, type the command /permits in the bot channel to show current permit prices.


Prices of build permits can vary directly with the demand, often inflating or deflating overtime and there is no price ceiling meaning the price of all permits have no limit in how expensive they can be. (An example of is the Class B permit which was in the 3-5 million range, until the Lucifer was made Class B, ballooning the demand for the permit, and therefore ballooning the price to 8 million plus, until it was reverted back to Class A, making Class B's price fall.)

All Permits, over time will have their prices fall and could theoretically reach 0 if given enough time. Buying any type of Permit will raise that permit's price after it goes out of stock due to demand.

The more a type of permit is available in Mega Base, the higher rate that its price will fall.


This section only shows the current lowest and highest price the permits have as of the past 3 Months.

Currently, there are six types of permits:

Permit Price Range Example Ships and Classes
SC Build Permit 3.8-6 Million Non-Limited Super Capital Ships.
Class A Permit 15-25 Million Freedom Galaxy, Prototypes, Lucifer, RX-1.
Class B Permit 3.5-5 Million Powerful Limited Dreadnoughts, Carriers and Miners.
Class C Permit 3-5 Million Limited Dreadnoughts and Freighters.
Class D Permit 300k-1.2 Million Limited Battleships and Battlecruisers.
Class E Permit 200k-500k Limited Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers.


  • Many ships requiring permits are far more powerful than normal ships, and if you are patient, investing in them may be worth your time.
  • Many Limited ships that used to be unobtainable are now obtainable via the Limited Build Menu.


  • Extremely expensive. Prices vary by permit class, but all are insanely expensive compared to the ships they let you build.
  • Buying limited ships via permits is often considered not worth it, because they are usually targeted and permits are incredibly expensive, along with the fact that many limited ships aren't that much more effective overall compared to regular ones. This means simply using normal ships repeatedly can be a better option.
  • Contrary to the meaning of their names, permits are consumed upon building a single ship, rather than generally permitting you to build ships of their respective class. People who buy them may not know this and will often be disappointed after finding out and buying a limited ship.
  • Only obtainable through purchasing with credits, not dropped by any NPC ships or rewarded by quests
  • Some classes of permits may be out of stock for long periods of time.
  • Prices for permits often balloon due to demand, so obtaining certain permits can be difficult to acquire for long periods of time.


  • Before the Alphabetical Permits were introduced, there was a permit known as the "Event Build Permit". It functions as part of the build cost for all past event ships, even Prototypes. Such permit could only be acquired via refunds or trade-ins.