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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The Phalanx was oShadowWarrioro's personal Admin Ship.


The Phalanx was the Personal Admin Ship of oShadowWarrioro. It was modeled after the Lascaux Heavy Command Carrier (also made by oShadowWarrioro) and was massive.




  • Strong Shields.
  • Turns faster than most battleships.


  • No weapons.
  • It was the length of two Apocalypses and is extremely easy to hit.
  • Its Top Speed is quite low considering its other maneuverability stats.


  • Fly around in a massive unarmed warship and mock the size of other ships.
  • Dodge Spinals with grace with its abnormal turn rate.
  • Tank all damage with its absurd shield health.

Version History

  • It's health used to be overpowered until V6, having had 260,000 before getting nerfed to 5000/5000, before getting another buff with the V8 Model that gave it 900,000.
  • The previous designs of this ship were the Ares, U.S.S. Enterprise (Star Trek: ToS), ASF Shiden II, and U.S.S. Vengeance (Star Trek: Into Darkness)
  • It's V8 remodel had the most HP out of any ship in the game at a whopping 900,000 until the addition of the Spectating Ship and Chad Swarmer.
  • Removed along with most of the Admin Ships in version .62a1.


  • The Phalanx has had 7 different speeds: 1500, 500, 450, 425, 3000, 8000, and finally 40.
  • The second version of this ship was extremely buggy, and 3 more fixes had to be pushed out by oShadowWarrioro before he could get it to actually work right.
  • After testing, a person from 0% Loyalty who spawned this ship, if they accelerate while not in endgame, would have had 3% Loyalty by the time it reached full speed in its final model
  • The ship itself has been updated a total of 9 times in its history, despite being a recent addition.
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