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The Phantom is cheap Destroyer with powerful shield damage.


The Phantom usually is chosen as a secondary starter ship over the Corvid. It is good for staying at the side of ships or going on top of ships because its Turret placement works poorly when chasing ships, or when exploiting blind spots. It has two Medium Phasers which can make up for the poor turret placement. The Phantom also has a health pool of 1150, with 900 Shield and 250 Hull.


The interior of the Phantom is surprisingly complex for a Destroyer. Upon entering, you will be greeted with three chairs in front of you. On your right, a terminal encrypted with odd messages and such.

At the cockpit, there is another terminal with a blank screen and the driver's chair.


  • Somewhat cheap for a Destroyer.
  • Well defended underbelly.
  • Spinals can deal heavy damage to shields.
  • Decent health for a Destroyer.
  • Shreds shields.


  • Turret placement can make it hard for all turrets to target at once.
  • Can't do much damage against hull.
  • It's model appearance is very limited.

Version History

  • Received a health buff and nerf in an unknown version that buffed shields from 550 to 900, and nerfed hull from 550 to 200.


  • The current model is one of if not the oldest current model still active in galaxy, having the model been existing since around 2017.
  • The Phantom has changed very little since it was first added.
  • Whenever this is possible, this could be a miniature version of Zeus hence its stats and a contains all turrets and spinals with laser weaponry.
  • It Is a common starter ship for players starting to make combat ships.
  • Has a limited version, the Ghost of Christmas Death.
  • It's model is known for being hated on for reasons such as never being touched by the developers and never being used itself.
Old Phantom model.