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This article is about the NPCs, not to be confused with the Player's Behaviour.


Pirates are one of the only two enemy AI Factions in the game, the other being the Aliens. Any ships affiliated with the Pirate faction will attack any ships at a minimum of 13,000 studs away from them. Pirate ships will not attack Planets/Starbases whether the faction that owns it is on the enemy or not.

  • Pirate ships show up with dark red color on the Minimap.
  • Pirate ships are not affiliated with any official factions in the game and mostly use variants of Player owned ships.

Pirate Fleet

The Pirate ships that currently spawn naturally are the following:

The Pirate ships that currently don't spawn naturally are the following:

  • Small Pirate ships spawn in groups of 3 at random locations on the map.
  • Capital pirate ships spawn alone at random locations.
  • Pirate ships that are Dreadnought-class or larger have the ability to call all pirate currently in the map to their aid, with the exception of X-0.
  • The Strategies on how to beat them can be found in their respective ship pages.

Ship Stats

Pirate Ships tend to have more hull health and focus on hull damage.

Note: All Pirate ships, from Dragoon, all the way to the Kodiak, follow their respective damage resistance in the Ship class they're in. (e.g, Galleon has 50% Damage Resistance due to being a Dreadnoughts class Ship.)

Pirate Ships
Pirate Ship Health Shield Hull Top Spd. Accel. Turn Spd. DPS Explosion Radius Spawn Time
Dragoon 925 275 650 130 45 0.68 23 15 4 Minutes
Avenger 600 300 300 260 40 0.49 62 5 Doesn't Spawn
Jormungand 2250 500 1750 135 38 0.55 104 35 10 Minutes
Scowling 2500 500 2000 135 38 0.55 140 35 Doesn't Spawn
X-0 7500 4000 3500 180 50 0.3 0 400 60 Minutes (Not Guaranteed)
Galleon 15000 3500 11500 45 5 0.1 488 450 70 Minutes
Kodiak 31500 15000 16500 100 40 0.4 738 1500 240 Minutes

Freedom Base Pirates

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Originally, in Beta. Pirates only spawned at the Freedom Base when a player accepted the Freedom Base Quest at the Mega Base when speaking to Luca Sky (formerly Luke Skybawler). One pirate spawned per person who accepts the quest with a maximum of 9 pirates. They also used to spawn randomly at the Freedom Base. Prior to the public release, there was no max amount of pirates, leading to swarms of pirates able to take down a fleet of Dreadnoughts. Pirate Avengers chased the player for up to 10K studs and did a lot more damage than normal Avengers do.

The Pirate Osprey was removed to make it a bit easier for players to kill the Pirates. The Pirate Starblade was also later removed for being too OP with backward firing torpedoes, aimbot, and ramming. This left only the Pirate Avenger as a possible pirate ship back then.

Version History


  • Most Pirate ships are variants of their playable counterparts.
  • It is possible for Pirates to capture a Planet, by hiding behind or inside a planet, so while Pirates try to shoot you down, they hit the planet instead.
  • Aliens, The U.N.E and Pirates will fight each other.
  • Admins can spawn extremely powerful Pirate Fleets in public servers, though this is met with some rules.
  • Pirates do not seem to attack admin ships.
  • The only AI Faction to use a Freighter as part of their fleet.
  • Avenger, along with U.N.E Judgement, are the only 2 ships that the NPC uses without an AI Variant.