Pl̸͌͝å̷̛g̸͑̃ȗ̵͠e̵͌̔d̴̑͘ ̴̌̀O̵͛͘s̶̏̕i̷̓͒r̷̓͋ì̵͝s̵̓̊

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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Pl̸͌͝å̷̛g̸͑̃ȗ̵͠e̵͌̔d̴̑͘ ̴̌̀O̵͛͘s̶̏̕i̷̓͒r̷̓͋ì̵͝s̵̓̊ is an AI Super Capital that spawned during Part 2 of the Halloween Event 2022.


The Pl̸͌͝å̷̛g̸͑̃ȗ̵͠e̵͌̔d̴̑͘ ̴̌̀O̵͛͘s̶̏̕i̷̓͒r̷̓͋ì̵͝s̵̓̊ is a powerful variant of the Osiris that is classified as a Super Capital instead of a Dreadnought


It follows the same pattern as most AI ships and will linger at its home base Ø₴łⱤł₴ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦.

It spawns every 60 minutes in a pair and only does so on Public servers. Additionally it only spawns when the Starbase, Ø₴łⱤł₴ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦ is present.


The Pl̸͌͝å̷̛g̸͑̃ȗ̵͠e̵͌̔d̴̑͘ ̴̌̀O̵͛͘s̶̏̕i̷̓͒r̷̓͋ì̵͝s̵̓̊ is an extremely powerful and dangerous Boss which stays at it home base Ø₴łⱤł₴ ⱠɆ₲łØ₦. Since it only spawns on public servers, call for support from other players to take it down.

It is recommended to use the same strategy for other boss ships, which is using fast ships to lure it so that other ships can gun it down. Another strategy similar to this is to let Aliens capture a planet, then use the planet to lure it out of its Starbase.


The Pl̸͌͝å̷̛g̸͑̃ȗ̵͠e̵͌̔d̴̑͘ ̴̌̀O̵͛͘s̶̏̕i̷̓͒r̷̓͋ì̵͝s̵̓̊ drops 10 Remnant Spores and 30% chance of dropping a single Remnant Tech.


  • The Pl̸͌͝å̷̛g̸͑̃ȗ̵͠e̵͌̔d̴̑͘ ̴̌̀O̵͛͘s̶̏̕i̷̓͒r̷̓͋ì̵͝s̵̓̊ is oriented sideways, thus warping sideways like the Galleon.