Plagued Preos Egg

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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.


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This article describes an NPC ship. For the player ship with the same appearance and without any turret, see Preos Egg.

The Plagued Preos Egg is an Alien AI added during the 2021 Halloween Event.


An egg-shaped ship with phasers that spawns every 45 minutes in a server and only needs one player to spawn.


  • Summons all aliens on the server when attacked.
  • Cannot be lured, as it does not give chase to players.
  • Can not warp.
  • Spawns every 45 min.


  • 45 Preos Bits
  • 1 Embryo (rarely 2 embryos)


  • Destroy all other aliens before attacking the egg, as a fleet of hatchlings and juveniles can do massive damage.
  • Use Wasps to attack the Plagued Preos Egg and get the Hatchlings and Juveniles to focus on you, then warp to a high-level Starbase and let it kill the Hatchlings and Juveniles. Once the Egg is alone or has little Hatchlings on the map, spawn a ship to kill the Egg.

Version History

  • Spawn time reduced from 90 minutes to 45 minutes, amount of Preos Bits increased from 45 to 10, amount of Embryos reduced from 2 to 1, gained the ability to drop 2 Embryos instead of 1 in version .74b4.