Plagued Warship

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Plagued Warship is a Battleship that was introduced in the Halloween Event 2019. It was formerly the Genesis's limited counterpart before its remodel.


The Plagued Warship is a Halloween Event 2019 Battleship. It is well-known for its extreme average damage output, being able to outdamage many Dreadnoughts.


The interior is a detailed box, with a nice seat and a display in front of it. The display says "29~##024aA4 SYTEM STATUS: BETTER THAN EVER 0Km(4##_-pR".


  • Insane overall damage output of 357; it has the highest average DPS out of all Battleships if not taking into account the Revylation and Snowfall, both being ships that cannot fully utilize their total DPS in most combat situations.
  • Great mobility statistics, with a fast turn speed of 0.45.
  • Fairly high total health pool.


  • Must be pointing the ship towards the enemy for all of the turrets to have a line of sight.
  • Has little long range weaponry.
  • Must have good spinal aim to use ship this effectively, as its spinals make up for almost half of its damage output.
  • It is a prime target due to its limited status and strength.
  • May struggle against smaller ships.


  • Use your Spinals, as they provide massive output DPS and will obliterate the opponent's Shields, then you can rely more on the Turrets and Cannons to finish the target off.
  • Get in the ship's weak spot and focus with Spinals.

Version History

  • Medium Cannon spinal barrel count increased from 4 to 5, Quad Advanced Medium Cannons' positions shifted such that the turrets are "orbital" in version .72d.
  • Explosion size 80 ----> 600 .75a12


  • The first player to lose one was SCRAPPIE_1, destroyed by GrumpyMadPlayer's Atlas.
  • It resembles the old Genesis model, and shares most attributes except for the "tentacles," as well as the spinal weaponry, it also resembles the current Katana model.
    • It actually came out before the old Genesis model and the current Katana model.
  • It was the only battleship introduced in the Halloween Event 2019.
  • The total health of this ship is the same as Glacier but with the Shields and Hull reversed.