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The Preos Juvenile is the third Preos ship in the Preos Egg's evolution questline.


The Preos Juvenile is a battleship that is the evolution of the Preos Hatchling. It is significantly larger than the previous two Preos ships, and is the first ship to have Amalgam turrets.


The interior is identical to the interiors of the previous Preos ships: a purple sphere with a holographic teleporter and seat.


  • High overall healthpool.
  • Combined damage-per-second of 438, higher than most battleships.
  • High speed.
  • Small profile for a battleship.
  • Large cargo hold for its class.


  • Inaccurate turrets.
  • Large target for spinals.
  • Horrible spinal placement, rendering them almost useless.
  • Very lopsided healthpool.
  • Limited, making it a target for pirates.


  • Use this as parts of fleets, for attacking large, slow ships, so you can easily hit your turret and spinal volleys.
  • Use your speed to your advantage in battle.
  • Avoid hull-shredders such as the Ridgebreaker, as they can annihilate you with their turrets.

Version History

  • Explosion size 100 ----> 400 .75a12
  • Removed in version .75a37


  • The first person to lose this ship was Polar_Maverick, to a Lament.