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The Prometheus is a Super-Carrier, known for its devastating Nuke and 4 powerful Fighters.


The Prometheus is a massive Carrier that carries 4 Harbingers, which are Battlecruiser-sized Fighters. The ship features two large prongs pointing out of the front. It is the most expensive ship that a player can buy, apart from the Super Capitals, Prototypes, some Limited Event Ships, and some of the Advanced Ships.


The Prometheus has a small but detailed interior. There is a set of three teleporters. There is also a pilot seat with control panels, one saying, "all systems are online."


  • Very powerful Fighters.
  • Great Shield firepower with the fighters.
  • Reasonable Hull firepower for a Carrier.
  • Has its own unique Fighters, the Harbinger, which is probably one of the best Fighter of any Carrier, with their only disadvantage being a lack of sustainability as there are only 4.
  • Massive explosion radius of 800, the highest in the game aside from most limited/advanced dreadnoughts, Nimitz, Mothership (level 3+), Super Capitals, both Prototypes and Kodiak.
  • Impressive maneuverability for the enormous size, being higher than most Carriers.
  • Strong health pool, has the most HP of any build menu carrier.


  • Large and has many blind spots, making it a high-profile target.
  • Relatively Mediocre Shield firepower without the fighters.
  • Its massive size and high part count may cause lag to the user, as well as the user's teammates.
  • Somewhat difficult for the Harbingers to leave the hangar, especially if the pilots are inexperienced or more than one fighter is trying to launch at once.
  • It costs $613,500 credits to upgrade the Warehouse from level 1 to level 21, which is around $240,000 credits more than a Galaxy.
  • While strong on paper, the combination of turrets, fighters and stats makes for a fairly weak carrier capable of being destroyed by just one or two skilled Dreadnoughts even with the help of all four Harbingers.


  • In a Siege situation, use your massive health pool to tank but be sure to know when to bail (Ideally leave at 1,000 shields).
  • Typically, release your Fighters AFTER you engage a Starbase or a target Ship. The Prometheus turret firepower can be countered by the blind spot, so instead you must rely on your massive health pool to keep you alive while you draw the attention of enemies, while your Fighters deal heavy damage.
  • Use your 800 explosion radius nuke as a last resort if you know you are going to die.

Version History 

  • Received trails in version .66b.
  • Shield increased from 10000 to 16000 in version .68d.
  • Price increased in version .69a, exceeding the storage for a Level 32 Warehouse.
  • Cargo Hold increased massively from 2500 to 9000 in version .69a2, which also caused another price increase.
  • Taken off-sale due to unbalanced buy/sell ratio in version .69a2.
  • Hull increased from 10000 to 11250 in version .69e.
  • Re-released on the build menu and turret loadout changed from 4 Point Defence Lasers, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, 2 Heavy Point Defence Lasers to 3 Heavy Point Defence Laser, 1 Heavy Flak Cannon, and 2 Heavy Railguns. Cargo hold was nerfed from 500 to 300 as well as getting an additional Harbinger, all in version .72f1.
  • Cargo hold increased from 300 to 600, driving up the price of the Prometheus in version .72f1(there was no mention of this in any update log).
  • Top speed increased from 45 to 55, turn speed increased from 0.1 to 0.12, acceleration increased from 15 to 25, fighter teleport position fixed, and turret loadout changed from 3 Heavy Point Defence Lasers, 1 Heavy Flak Cannon, 2 Heavy Railguns to 2 Heavy Point Defence Lasers, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, and 2 Capital Triple Cannons in version .73b8.
  • Heavy Flak Cannons and Heavy PDLs changed to Super Flak Cannons and Super PDLs in an unknown version (only revealed in-game).
  • Herald replaced with a fourth Harbinger in version .75a5
  • Reversed the.73b8 mobility buff in an unknown version
  • As of December 20, 2021 the Prometheus requires 9 Armored Platings.
  • HP nerfed from 14,000 shield --> 8,000 shield, 11,200 hull --> 6,000 hull in version .75a5b.
  • Turrets are now in rows instead of columns .75a12
  • Docking Point and Teleporter adjusted for ease of access .76d28


  • Enormous physical size for a ship, having arguably the largest overall physical size of all ships in the game.
  • Its fighters, 4 Harbingers, bear a strong resemblance to the Marauder.    
  • It was given a trail shortly after release.
  • Ended the Nyx's two-year reign as the most expensive non-event Carrier.
  • Its Fighter concept is similar to the Executioner's own Fighters.
  • The Prometheus was the most expensive non-event build menu ship in the game, before Super Capital ships were released on the build menu. The ship costed 709,023 credits worth of materials and building fee to make. Counting the cost of the Warehouse upgrades needed to make the ship, the total cost was 2,487,273 credits, which was 24% more than a Super Capital ship while they were quest ships.
  • While the Prometheus possesses a bridge protruding from the hull near the rear of the ship and offset to the right, the actual bridge is inside the main body between the quad thruster sections and behind the hangar bay.
  • The Prometheus possesses a teleporter in the bridge that will take the player to the exterior of the ship between the two rear dorsal thrusters. This teleporter seemingly has no use at the moment and may have been left over from when the ship was being designed and hints that the ship originally docked from the rear, or was left over from a proposed Battleship Fighter, similar to the Elanis.
  • The Prometheus is based off the Javelin class destroyer from Star Citizen.
  • The Prometheus was the only ship buildable with ores to exceed the storage of a level 32 Warehouse, at the time it exceeded that number, the maximum warehouse level was 32 but has since been raised to 35 (and then 38).
  • The Prometheus was considered by some to be Galaxy's first supercarrier or supercapital carrier.
  • This ship is a rather common sight nowadays.
Javelin class destroyer from Star Citizen.