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Super Capital Ship (Prototype)

This Super Capital Ship is classified as a Prototype, a massive, enormously expensive warship with unparalleled firepower and health. These ships are currently unobtainable or have limited availability.

Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Prototype X-1 is a Prototype created by the U.N.E.


The Prototype X-1 is a massive, expensive ship that was available for a limited time during Galaxy's Beta stage, now being on rotation.

To get this ship you needed to accept a Quest, pay 6,000,000 Credits and bring a Weapon Part to the Shady Dealer on Myriad III (Must be fully upgraded to level 3).


The interior of the Prototype X-1 is the exact same as the previous Genesis model, with a short but detailed hall that leads to a small room containing the pilot's seat.


  • Large number of powerful unique Turrets (plus the total combined dps of 787).
  • Longer range than the Prototype X-2.
  • Huge Cargo Hold.
  • Many players will retreat just from seeing this spawned.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • Guns have a longer range than Starbases, making it one of the best Siege ships.
  • Has 60% Damage Resistance for a Prototype class ship to tank damage and constantly keep up the pressure on the enemy (that doesn't mean it is invincible).
  • Has 36,000 combined HP plus 65% Damage resistance, It's like having a 59,400 HP ship.
  • If destroyed, it has a HUGE explosion size likely wiping out all who killed it.
  • The explosion is around 20,000 studs.
  • Has an insane total over 600 Hull DPS, and 9,226 Hull alpha, not accounting for resistance; making this ship overpowered at destroying hulled ships, or hull tanks.
  • Has Bombardment Cannons, which are flak cannons that can easily shred small or agile ships; making the Prototype X-1 resistant to swarms.


  • Extremely slow and struggles to turn.
  • Inaccurate Colossus Turrets makes fighting smaller, faster Ships harder.
  • The most expensive ship in the game, mainly due to the Class A Permit cost and the materials cost of over 17 million.
  • The Weapon Part requires 30500 Uranium, which WILL take up a level 30 warehouse, not to mention the materials required will force you to have a level 36 warehouse.
  • Spawning one makes you a massive target.
  • A very large target which means Spinals can hit you easily.
  • Small ships are death if they get in your blindspots.


  • Use support ships when in combat.
  • NEVER travel alone on this ship.
  • Despite the huge Cargo Hold for a combat ship, you should not use this ship for trading during War, as an experienced team could still take you down.

Version History

  • Received a nerf in version .???.
  • Received a slight buff in .60h.
  • Received a nerf losing 4 huge Spinals on both Phasers and Cannons.
  • Ambient sound removed in .62d2.
  • Buffed in version .65b, with a remodel and Specialized Turrets and Spinals.
  • Colossus Guns and Bombardment Cannons received a nerf in Speed Denominator, making the deadly armament of Turrets less accurate against fast moving targets.
  • Colossus Guns received a damage buff from 1000 to 1250 in .66b
  • Added the old X-1 sound back.
  • New X-1 Sound added in a recent version.
  • Shield buffed from 15,000 to 20,000, Hull buffed from 10,000 to 12,500 in version .66b
  • Hull buffed from 12,500 to 14,500 in version .66b
  • 6 torpedoes turned into 6 cannons in version .66b
  • Turrets and ship were given a new model in version .67c (ambience was also temporarily removed).
  • Hull increased from 14500 to 25000, 6 Large Cannons changed to 8 Huge Cannons in version .69a2.
  • Hull reduced back to 14500, 50% Damage Resistance restored in version .69a1
  • Shields increased from 20000 to 22500 and Hull increased from 14500 to 16000 in version .69f.
  • Turret lines of sight fixed, 1 Colossus Cannon replaced with 1 Colossus Laser, gained 2 Huge Cannon spinals, ship size increased, and ambient sound re-added in version .72e1(?)
  • Colossus Lasers and Cannons buffed massively: Both turrets up-sized to Huge and had their alpha damage increased to 2000, with a reload of 25 seconds; the configuration of the Colossus turrets on the Prototype X-1 was changed from 4 Colossus Lasers and 1 Colossus Cannon, to 3 Colossus Cannons and 2 Colossus Lasers. The Bombardment Cannons had their turret type changed to Flak, with stats of 60 alpha damage at a reload of 1 second. The [G] spinals were also removed and the [F] spinals are now 6 Huge Cannons; in version .73c(?).
  • Top Speed buffed from 45 to 50, and Acceleration buffed from 12 to 30 in version .73c(?).
  • Re-added as an incredibly expensive limited build menu super capital in version .73c10
  • Shield reduced from 22000 to 19500 in version .73f8


  • The original ship model was put into the game with the old U.N.E flag decal on it. This was a mistake.
  • The previous Prototype X-1 model had arguably the most detailed interior of all the ships in Galaxy.
  • This ship has the largest explosion size of any ship in the game (along with the Prototype X-2, Lucifer and Kodiak), at 1500 explosion radius.
  • If you were to destroy a Prototype X-1 that had no Bounty, it increases your Bounty by 935k.
  • The original Prototype X-1 model looks similar to the Leviathan because its model was modified from the Leviathan.
  • Many people have lost this ship to welding and betrayal. This is one ship that you should never trust when with opposing large fleets of people.
  • Had custom Torpedo models, in which were removed.
  • Appears on the Galaxy Wikia Background
  • Hacks allowed this ship to be force-built in version .69f14
  • In mid beta, LordZeloxy and Cronotious conducted tests involving the Prototype X-1 and the ""Prototype X-2"" and which ship would come out on top in a battle. One test was purely DPS and the other was an actual battle, however these tests went to Zeloxy's head, and he later lost his ship. Since then, as of 7/31/2021 seehyadued52 and greenninja010 have done an updated battle.
  • Was the most expensive ship in the game for a insanely long time, Theia's cost when it was added was 11 million credits, which would be massively reduced to 2 million credits (now 1,128,520), which lead to this ship being the most expensive ship again, Wooly Mammoth would finally end this ship's reign as the most expensive ship after a very long time (mainly due to the crazy high cost of the Class A Permit being 18.5M credits), and then Freedom Galaxy would take that title, this ship would eventually take that title back.
  • Highest health out of all non-NPC ships, excluding Admin Ships.
  • It looks very similar to the Klingon Negh'var-class warships from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

DPS: Actual Battle (BETA):

Actual Battle (GAMMA):

Shortened Results: DPS (BETA): Draw Actual Battle (BETA): Prototype X-1 Wins

Actual Battle (GAMMA): ""Prototype X-2"" Wins