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This Super Capital Ship is classified as a Prototype, a massive, enormously expensive warship with unparalleled firepower and health. These ships are unobtainable or have very limited availability.

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The Prototype X-1 is a Prototype created by the U.N.E.


The Prototype X-1 is a massive, expensive ship that was available for a limited time during Galaxy's Beta stage, now being on rotation.

To get this ship you needed to accept a Quest, pay 6,000,000 Credits and bring a Weapon Part to the Shady Dealer on Myriad III (Must be fully upgraded to level 3).


The interior of the Prototype X-1 is the exact same as the previous Genesis model, with a short but detailed hall that leads to a small room containing the pilot's seat.


  • Large Cargo Hold.
  • Many players will retreat just from seeing this spawned.
  • Excellent at Sieging bases from medium range.
  • Has 34,500 combined HP plus 65% Damage resistance.
  • Large explosion radius of 15,000 studs, which may wipe out ships unfortunate enough to get caught in the blast.
  • Has high damage output and alpha damage with the unique Turrets and Spinals.
  • Has Bombardment Cannons, which are flak cannons that can easily shred small or agile ships; making the Prototype X-1 resistant to swarms.
  • Mediocre Shield damage output compared to Hull damage output.
  • After Prototype X-2's numerous nerfs, Prototype X-1 is now able to best Prototype X-2 in 1v1 due to the sheer difference in health. [citation needed]
  • Longer range compared to the Prototype X-2.


  • Extremely slow and struggles to turn.
  • Incredibly inaccurate Colossus Turrets makes fighting any ship that is considerably smaller or faster harder, on top of being unable to out-range bases.
  • One of the most expensive ship in the game, mainly due to the Class A Permit cost and the materials cost of over 17 million.
  • The Weapon Part requires 32500 Uranium and 10 Armored Plating, which WILL take up a level 31 warehouse, not to mention the materials required will force you to have a level 36 warehouse. In addition to the warehouse costs, materials (regarding the most recent release) cost an estimated 2 million Credits, with class A permits costing at least 10 million Credits, and hard to come by at times.
  • Spawning one makes you a massive target.
  • A very large target which means Spinals can hit you easily.
  • Can be swarmed by small ships, although this is mitigated by the Bombardment Cannons the ship is equipped with.


The Prototype X-1 is an incredibly sturdy, sluggish, and hard-hitting flagship. It is able to wipe out some Battleships in a single volley with all its weapons, but by comparison to its Hull damage output; the ship struggles to do effective damage to Shields. It also suffers from very poor base and tracking accuracy on its Colossus turrets, making hitting moving Battleships (or some of the faster PvP Dreadnoughts for that matter) from a large distance rather difficult. However, it possesses long range on its Colossus turrets (7,500 studs) allowing it to out-range many ships, and siege Starbases fairly well; with the added benefit of the Bombardment cannons having a range of 5,000 studs, as well being effective against swarms. Overall: this ship is rather powerful, but compared to the Prototype X-2; has much weaker damage output, is considerably more sluggish, and is considerably larger. When considering the purchase of a Prototype-class warship, decide if it is better to have something that is durable, shreds Hull, and can throw hard-hitting punches from long range while having decent defenses against swarms (this ship), or a pinnacle of an anti-capital flagship designed to chase down and destroy other Capital Ships quickly with extremely high damage output and decent maneuverability for the size, but with not nearly as much durability or hard hitting long-range weaponry (The Prototype X-2).


  • Use support ships when in combat.
  • NEVER travel alone on this ship.
  • Despite the large Cargo Hold for a combat ship, you should not use this ship for trading during War, as an experienced team could still take you down.
  • It is recommended to avoid using this ship in public/populated servers if alone or unorganized, or very sparingly, as due to its rarity, expense, and status as a trophy kill. It is a very valuable target, and many will go to great lengths to destroy it.
  • To reiterate, this ship is extremely expensive, and it is an extremely rare occasion to find it on sale as it is released at the discretion of high-ranking staff and likely rcouret himself. Use it wisely, very sparingly, and trust no one.

Version History

  • Received a nerf in version .???.
  • Received a slight buff in .60h.
  • Received a nerf losing 4 huge Spinals on both Phasers and Cannons.
  • Ambient sound removed in .62d2.
  • Buffed in version .65b, with a remodel and Specialized Turrets and Spinals.
  • Colossus Guns and Bombardment Cannons received a nerf in Speed Denominator, making the deadly armament of Turrets less accurate against fast moving targets.
  • Colossus Guns received a damage buff from 1000 to 1250 in .66b
  • Added the old X-1 sound back.
  • New X-1 Sound added in a recent version.
  • Shield buffed from 15,000 to 20,000, Hull buffed from 10,000 to 12,500 in version .66b
  • Hull buffed from 12,500 to 14,500 in version .66b
  • 6 torpedoes turned into 6 cannons in version .66b
  • Turrets and ship were given a new model in version .67c (ambience was also temporarily removed).
  • Hull increased from 14500 to 25000, 6 Large Cannons changed to 8 Huge Cannons in version .69a2.
  • Hull reduced back to 14500, 50% Damage Resistance restored in version .69a1
  • Shields increased from 20000 to 22500 and Hull increased from 14500 to 16000 in version .69f.
  • Turret lines of sight fixed, 1 Colossus Cannon replaced with 1 Colossus Laser, gained 2 Huge Cannon spinals, ship size increased, and ambient sound re-added in version .72e1(?)
  • Colossus Lasers and Cannons buffed massively: Both turrets up-sized to Huge and had their alpha damage increased to 2000, with a reload of 25 seconds; the configuration of the Colossus turrets on the Prototype X-1 was changed from 4 Colossus Lasers and 1 Colossus Cannon, to 3 Colossus Cannons and 2 Colossus Lasers. The Bombardment Cannons had their turret type changed to Flak, with stats of 60 alpha damage at a reload of 1 second. The [G] spinals were also removed and the [F] spinals are now 6 Huge Cannons; in version .73c(?).
  • Top Speed buffed from 45 to 50, and Acceleration buffed from 12 to 30 in version .73c(?).
  • Re-added as an incredibly expensive limited build menu super capital in version .73c10; rotated back off this limited menu in version .74b14, with the Prototype X-2 taking its place.
  • Shield reduced from 22000 to 19500 in version .73f8
  • Taken off-sale permanently along with the Prototype X-2 in version .75a5.
  • Put on-sale again along with the Prototype X-2 for 3 days after a third Prototype-class warship was destroyed after they were taken off sale in version .75a5 [citation needed].
  • Rebalanced again: Colossus turrets receive a damage nerf from 2,000 to 1,550, size downgraded to Large, and base accuracy buffed; Shield health decreased from 19,500 to 18,000, 6 Huge Cannon spinals decreased to 4 Huge Cannons, turret arrangement adjusted, and an extra Colossus Laser added(2 Colossus Lasers --> 3 Colossus Lasers) in version .75a5.
  • Model reverted to bomb_pop's model in version .75a5, due to ap_ek's model being archived.
  • Turret weaponry buffed in version .75a5:
    • Colossus Laser damage increased from 1550 to 1650, and range increased from 6500 to 7500.
    • Colossus Cannon range increased from 6500 to 7500.
    • Bombardment Cannon range increased from approximately 4000 to 5000.


  • The original ship model was put into the game with the old U.N.E flag decal on it. This was a mistake. You can still see this on the retro variant of this ship, the Retro Prototype X-1.
  • The previous Prototype X-1 model had arguably the most detailed interior of all the ships in Galaxy.
  • This ship has the largest explosion size of any ship in the game (along with the Prototype X-2, Lucifer and Kodiak), at 1500 explosion radius.
  • The original Prototype X-1 model looks similar to the Leviathan because its model was modified from the Leviathan.
  • Many people have lost this ship to welding and betrayal. This is one ship that you should never trust when with opposing large fleets of people.
  • Had custom Torpedo models, in which were removed.
  • Appears on the Galaxy Wikia Background
  • Hacks allowed this ship to be force-built in version .69f14
  • In mid beta, LordZeloxy and Cronotious conducted tests involving the Prototype X-1 and the ""Prototype X-2"" and which ship would come out on top in a battle. One test was purely DPS and the other was an actual battle, however these tests went to Zeloxy's head, and he later lost his ship. Since then, as of 7/31/2021 seehyadued52 and greenninja010 have done an updated battle.
  • Was the most expensive ship in the game for a insanely long time, Theia's cost when it was added was 11 million credits, which would be massively reduced to 2 million credits (now 1,128,520), which lead to this ship being the most expensive ship again, Wooly Mammoth would finally end this ship's reign as the most expensive ship after a very long time (mainly due to the crazy high cost of the Class A Permit being 18.5M credits), and then Freedom Galaxy would take that title, this ship would eventually take that title back, and then lose the title to the Prototype X-2.
  • Highest health out of all non-NPC ships, excluding Admin Ships.
  • Its previous model looked very similar to the Klingon Negh'var-class warships from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

DPS: Actual Battle (BETA):

Actual Battle (GAMMA):

Shortened Results: DPS (BETA): Draw Actual Battle (BETA): Prototype X-1 Wins

Actual Battle (GAMMA): ""Prototype X-2"" Wins