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Super Capital Ship (Prototype)

This Super Capital Ship is classified as a Prototype, a massive, enormously expensive warship with unparalleled firepower and health. These ships are currently unobtainable or have limited availability.

Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Prototype X-2 is a Prototype that was made by the Kneall.


The Prototype X-2 is the largest of all Alien ships seen in Galaxy and was formerly acquired by players for 5 million credits, an Alien Device, and a weapon part. (The X-2 was originally priced at 2 million credits). Players had to first find the Kneall Harbor Master to be able to buy this ship.


There is a detailed hallway leading to a glowing sphere (pilot's seat) and a bunch of screens, one of which is the main screen that says "Welcome USER."


  • High Turret firepower (plus the total combined dps of 589).
  • Rather speedy for a ship of its size.
  • Most people will avoid combat with this ship.
  • Great against Dreadnoughts, Battleships, or other similarly sized ships.
  • Fast firing Turrets, good for stealing kills.
  • Very high health.
  • Huge cargo hold for it's class.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • Has 65% Damage Resistance since it is a Prototype class ship.
  • If destroyed, it has a HUGE explosion size of 15,000 studs likely wiping out all who killed it.
  • Smaller ships are of almost no worry since they would barely chip away the health of a Super Capital ship such as the Prototypes.


  • Not as much health as the Prototype X-1.
  • Not as good at Sieging as the Prototype X-1.
  • Once destroyed, it becomes unobtainable, FOREVER.
  • Large Turrets leave it vulnerable to swarms of small, fast ships like Frigates.
  • It was extremely expensive and required an Alien Device and a Weapon Part, which could take very long to grind for.
  • Requires good Spinal aiming in order to be used at full power.
  • A huge target due to its limited status and the fact that it's destruction will most likely bounty wipe it's pilot.


  • In a siege, gather support to fend off smaller ships.
  • With the high-accuracy turrets, you can 'snipe' small frigates from a medium distance.
  • Use the front of this ship to propel yourself under enemy ships.
  • Only use the Subcannon when it has a proper line of sight.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in an unknown version.
  • Shields were buffed by 2,500 in an unknown version.
  • Received a massive nerf removing 8 Huge Spinals for both Phasers and Cannons in an unknown version.
  • Was temporarily put back on sale in version .65b. You needed 5 million Credits, an Alien Device, and a Weapon Part to get it.
    • Received a massive buff along with the re-enabling of the vendor, adding Huge Spinals and new Turrets.
  • Received a trail in the first part of the "Mega Update".
  • The original occasional screech was added back in .66b.
  • Shield buffed from 12,500 to 16,500, Hull buffed from 10,000 to 10,500 in version .66b
  • Turrets buffed in version .66b - increased damage and reduced cooldown.
  • Shields increased from 17500 to 20000 and Hull increased from 11500 to 13000 in version .69f.
  • Received major changes in .72e4
    • Kneall Cannons were given two additional barrels
    • The Kneall Multilasers were reclassed as size Huge lasers
    • The subcannon received the most changes
      • Given two additional barrels
      • Reclassed as a Huge railgun
  • Spinals changed from 5/5 to 7/7 in .72f
  • Spinals reverted to 5/5, then back to 7/7 in version .73a3
  • Turnspeed decreased from 0.12 to 0.11, acceleration increased from 8 to 10, top speed(?) increased from 29 to 45 in version .73a3
  • Turnspeed increased from 0.11 to 0.9, then to 0.1; acceleration increased from 10 to 50, then to 5 in version .73c10


  • This ship has the largest explosion size in the game (along with the Prototype X-1, Lucifer and the Kodiak), at 1500 explosion radius.
  • There is a mostly un-used NPC version of this ship, the Kneall Prototype.
  • Has custom Turrets.
  • Has unique sounds for Spinals.
  • Old Description: The X-2 Prototype is a warship that requires level 5 security clearance to even view the files on it. Engineered with tech from the Kneall. It's extremely experimental, use at your own peril.
  • Players used to receive an additional 500,000 credits for destroying a Prototype X-2.
  • This ship had the same amount of Spinals as the Prototype X-1 when it released.
  • In the interior, there is a crudely drawn smiley face behind the monitors that sit in front of the pilot's seat.
  • There are two of the same messages on both sides of the back of the Prototype X-2 in the Alien script.
  • In mid beta, LordZeloxy and Cronotious conducted tests involving the Prototype X-1 and the Prototype X-2 and which ship would come out on top in a battle. One test was purely DPS and the other was an actual battle, however these tests went to Zeloxy's head, and he later lost his ship. Since then, as of 7/31/2021 seehyadued52 and greenninja010 have done an updated battle.