Prototype X-2

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This Super Capital Ship is classified as a Prototype, a massive, enormously expensive warship with unparalleled firepower and health.

The Prototype X-2 is a Prototype that was made by the Kneall.


The Prototype X-2 is a Kneall Prototype class flagship, capable of the highest damage output of any obtainable ship in the game. It features good turning speed and a long bow that can be used for maneuvering in point-blank combat.

It is the second largest of all Alien ships (by physical size, in which the Annihilator is the only larger ship) seen in Galaxy and was formerly acquired by players for 5 million credits, an Alien Device, and a Weapons Part. (The X-2 was originally priced at 2 million credits). Players had to first find the Kneall Harbor Master to be able to buy this ship. Currently, the Prototype X-2 is only available through an exorbitant price tag in Frion.

The Prototype X-2 has a module "Kneall Munitions"


There is a detailed hallway leading to a glowing sphere (pilot's seat) and a bunch of screens, one of which is the main screen that says "Welcome USER."

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  • Extremely high Turret and Spinal firepower gives this ship the highest average Damage per Second of any single player-ownable ship in the game.
  • Rather speedy and maneuverable for a ship of its size; considerably more so than the Prototype X-1.
  • Most people will avoid combat with this ship, since it is able to absolutely obliterate almost any Capital Ship with ease (though it may be more difficult to destroy Carriers due to the Damage per Second of a Fighter swarm, or other Super Capitals).
  • Great against Dreadnoughts, Battleships, or other similarly sized ships.
  • Fast firing Turrets, good for stealing kills.
  • Very high health.
  • Huge cargo hold for its class.
  • Powerful Spinals.
  • If destroyed, it has a HUGE explosion size of 15,000 studs likely wiping out all who killed it.
  • Smaller ships are of almost no worry since they would barely chip away the health of a Super Capital ship such as the Prototypes.
  • Has an ambience that's louder than the one of Prototype X-1. Its alien-like ambience adds to Prototype X-2's menacing nature.


  • Not as much health as the Prototype X-1.
  • Not as good at Sieging as the Prototype X-1, however it is still more effective than most ships due to the high health and massive Damage per Second.
  • Once destroyed, it becomes unobtainable, until the next time a Prototype goes on rotation, which can take quite a while.
  • Large Turrets leave it vulnerable to swarms of small, fast ships like Frigates.
  • Now it's cheaper than the Prototype X-1 due to the new quest costs, but still it's very expensive.
  • Requires good Spinal aiming in order to be used at full power.
  • A huge target due to its limited status and the fact that its destruction will most likely bounty wipe its pilot.
  • Quite a loud ambience. Your teammates may ask you to despawn for it.


  • In a siege, gather support to fend off smaller ships.
  • Use the long front of this ship to propel yourself under enemy ships by wedging it under them and turning upward. This way you can be out of the line of sight of most turrets and still hit all of your weapons.
  • Only use the Subcannon and Hypercannon when they have a proper line of sight.
  • Use the extremely high firepower to destroy capital ships like Battleships or Dreadnoughts in ridiculous speed.
  • Be very careful with this ship. Despite the immense power, it is extremely expensive, currently costing many millions of credits along with special quest items and parts from bosses, so you cannot afford to lose it.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in an unknown version.
  • Shields were buffed by 2,500 in an unknown version.
  • Received a massive nerf removing 8 Huge Spinals for both Phasers and Cannons in an unknown version.
  • Was temporarily put back on sale in version .65b. You needed 5 million Credits, an Alien Device, and a Weapons Part to get it.
    • Received a massive buff along with the re-enabling of the vendor, adding Huge Spinals and new Turrets.
  • Received a trail in the first part of the "Mega Update".
  • The original occasional screech was added back in .66b.
  • Shield buffed from 12,500 to 16,500, Hull buffed from 10,000 to 10,500 in version .66b
  • Turrets buffed in version .66b - increased damage and reduced cooldown.
  • Shields increased from 17500 to 20000 and Hull increased from 11500 to 13000 in version .69f.
  • Received major changes in .72e4
    • Kneall Cannons were given two additional barrels
    • The Kneall Multilasers were reclassed as size Huge lasers
    • The subcannon received the most changes
      • Given two additional barrels
      • Reclassed as a Huge railgun
  • Spinals changed from 5/5 to 7/7 in .72f
  • Spinals reverted to 5/5, then back to 7/7 in version .73a3
  • Turnspeed decreased from 0.12 to 0.11, acceleration increased from 8 to 10, top speed(?) increased from 29 to 45 in version .73a3
  • Turnspeed increased from 0.11 to 0.9, then to 0.1; acceleration increased from 10 to 50, then to 5 in version .73c10
  • Made available on the limited ship build menu in version .74b14
  • Major balance change in version .75a1(?):
    • Health changed from 20,000 Shield and 13,000 Hull to 18,000 Shield and 11,250 Hull, Turret Loadout Changed from 3 Kneall Multilasers, 4 Kneall Cannons, and 1 Kneall Subcannon to 5 Kneall Obliterators, 1 Kneall Subcannon, 1 Kneall Hypercannon, and 3 Kneall Exterminators; Acceleration buffed from 5 to 22, and Turn Speed buffed from 0.1 to 0.14.
    • New turrets added to the ship, being the Kneall Obliterator, Kneall Hypercannon, and Kneall Exterminator.
      • These turrets are improved versions of the existing Kneall Cannon, Kneall Subcannon, and Kneall Multilaser turrets; which have more barrels mounted on them for increased damage output.
  • Spinals changed from 7/7 Huge Phasers/Huge Cannons to 7/9 Huge Phasers/Huge Cannons in an unknown version.
  • Removed from the limited ship build menu in version .75a5.
  • Spinals changed again from 7/9 Huge Phasers/Huge Cannons to 7/6 Huge Phasers/Huge Cannons in an unknown version.
  • Readded to the limited ship build menu in version .75a5, from 1/22/2021-1/25/2021 due to a third Prototype-class ship dying after the Prototype X-2 and Prototype X-1 were taken off sale.[citation needed]
  • Shield health reduced from 16,000 to 15,900, Hull health reduced from 12,250 to 12,000, Turrets changed (please list the full set of changes done to the turret weaponry), and Spinals changed to 6/6 Huge Phasers/Huge Cannons with 0.1 interval in an unknown version (please put version[s] here).
  • HP Buffed 15,900/12,000 -> 17,500/13,000 Version .75a25
  • Turret loadout changed from 2 Kneall Exterminators, 1 Kneall Obliterator, 2 Kneall Lasers, 2 Kneall Multilasers, 2 Kneall Hypercannons, and 1 Kneall Subcannon to 2 Kneall Assault Lasers, 4 Kneall Assault Cannons, 1 Kneall Subcannon, and 1 Kneall Multilaser in an unknown version.


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  • This ship has the largest explosion size in the game (along with the Prototype X-1, Hyperion, Lucifer and the Kodiak), at 1500 explosion radius.
  • This ship has the highest average DPS of any player ownable ship in the game, coming in at over 700 DPS.
  • There is a NPC version of this ship, the Kneall Prototype.
  • Has custom Turrets.
  • The only player ownable ship in the game that is capable of utilizing Plasma-type (alien) turret weaponry, through it's unique module ("Kneall Munitions").
  • Has unique sounds for Spinals.
  • Old Description: The X-2 Prototype is a warship that requires level 5 security clearance to even view the files on it. Engineered with tech from the Kneall. It's extremely experimental, use at your own peril.
  • Players used to receive an additional 500,000 credits for destroying a Prototype X-2.[citation needed]
  • This ship had the same amount of Spinals as the Prototype X-1 when it released.[citation needed]
  • In the interior, there is a crudely drawn smiley face behind the monitors that sit in front of the pilot's seat.
  • There are two of the same messages on both sides of the back of the Prototype X-2 in the Alien script.
  • In mid beta, LordZeloxy and Cronotious conducted tests involving the Prototype X-1 and the Prototype X-2 and which ship would come out on top in a battle. One test was purely DPS and the other was an actual battle, however these tests went to Zeloxy's head, and he later lost his ship. Since then, as of 7/31/2021 seehyadued52 and greenninja010 have done an updated battle.