Prototype X-3

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed.

The Prototype X-3 is a Miner-Class ship released as an April Fools' ship.


The Prototype X-3 is a former hidden Quest ship until that was later put into the limited build menu. It resembles the design of the Wasp, but it carries a Colossus Cannon instead of a Mining Laser.


Just like the Wasp, this ship has no interior; players simply walk out onto the seat in the center, which is completely open to space.


  • Fast, small, and hard to hit.
  • More than double the health of a regular wasp.


  • Low health.
  • Almost no Hull damage.
  • Tiny Cargo Hold.
  • Class E Permit costs over 100k credits.


  • If you're going to use it, scare away players who don't know that it is a Wasp by being far enough away from them that they can only see the Prototype X-3 targeting icon, but not the ship itself.
  • Don't use this ship in War, as it will be targeted.
  • Treat this ship as a trophy. It can be destroyed easily.

Version History

  • Released in version .65b for 2 weeks as part of a “potential” April Fool's Day prank. The April Fool's Day prank was later confirmed true within a week of its announcement through the obtaining of it via a small rectangular container located a distance of 146k to 150k studs directly above the Mega Base.
  • Re-added for a limited time in version .66b, nobody managed to get it within that period.
  • Advanced AutoCannon replaced by a Colossus Cannon and reclassified to Miner in .72d.
  • Supercap/Huge miner icon removed and replaced with a normal wasp icon in an unknown version.


  • The quest for it said that 7 million Credits, a Weapons Part, and an Alien Device were required, but in reality, you just needed around 7 Credits to get it. However, if you had the requested items above, the quest would take them from you.
  • Despite bearing a name similar to the Prototype X-1 and the Prototype X-2, which are both Super Capitals, Prototype X-3 is actually a Miner.
  • The first player to kill one was Birdhunter100.
  • One of the Developers, Arina, mentioned that if Galaxy won a Bloxy Award, they would add a battle Wasp to the game. Galaxy did not win a Bloxy Award, but this might be the battle Wasp Arina was talking about.
  • The room in which you got the quest was meant to be accessed with an extremely well-hidden teleporter. However, it was eventually discovered to be about 146 thousand studs above the Mega Base, where most people got it.
  • Back when it first came out, it could be sold for roughly 2 Million credits, though you would be banned for doing so. (Note: selling it after buying it for full price was not bannable.)
  • Was released a second time on 9/17/2019 for one day. It was hidden inside a large uranium in one of the corners, and to access the quest you needed to upgrade myriad to level 2. Nobody was able to get it in that time period.
  • Was put into the limited editions build menu on 2021, the materials required in this case is 181 silicate, 140 carbon, 117 iridium, 9 adamantite, 27 palladium, 14 titanium, 14 quantium, 11 uranium, and a Class E Permit (over 100k credits).