Prototype X-3

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Prototype X-3 is a Miner-Class April Fools' ship.


The Prototype X-3 is a former hidden Quest ship until that was later put onto the limited build menu for a short period of time. It carries an X-3 Colossus Cannon and a X-3 Colossus Laser.


The Prototype X-3's design resembles the Wasp but has a unique, more militaristic model. Just like the Wasp, this ship has no interior; players simply walk out onto the seat in the center of the ship which is completely open to space.


  • Absurdly high speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.
  • Small size.
  • No loyalty or base level requirement.
  • Can receive invulnerability from bases when docked.
  • Ridiculously strong nuke of 1000.


  • Pitiful health and damage resistance.
  • Poor accuracy.
  • Pathetic ore hold of 21.


  • Treat this ship as a trophy, as it is a high value target, is not of much use in combat, and cannot be reobtained.
  • If you're going to use it, try to only fight big targets which can't hit you due to your 300 speed and small size.
  • Fly near your targets so your turrets can hit them, otherwise they will often miss.

Version History

  • Released in version .65b for 2 weeks as part of a “potential” April Fool's Day prank. The April Fool's Day prank was later confirmed true within a week of its announcement through the obtaining of it via a small rectangular container located a distance of 146k to 150k studs directly above the Mega Base.
  • Re-added for a limited time in version .66b, nobody managed to get it within that period.
  • Ship reclassified to Miner and Advanced AutoCannon replaced by Colossus Cannon in .72d.
  • Unique icon removed and replaced with a normal Wasp icon in an unknown version.
  • Buffed to 1000/1000 health, 300 speed, 0.9 turnspeed, received stealth technology and heavily buffed turret DPS, and turret accuracy nerfed to be the most unprecise turret of the game in an unknown version.
  • Buffed to 3000/3000 health, turret class changed to mining turret, and 5 additional turrets added in an unknown version.
  • Turret count reverted to 1 in an unknown version.
  • Received an X-3 Colossus Laser in an unknown version.
  • Nerfed DPS, removed stealth technology and health changed to 1000/1 in an unknown version.
  • Added to limited build menu in an unknown version.
  • Removed from limited build menu in an unknown version.
  • Unique icon re-added in an unknown version.


  • The quest for it said that 7 million Credits, a Weapons Part, and an Alien Device were required, but in reality, you just needed around 7 Credits to get it.
    • However, if you had the requested items above, the quest would take them from you.
  • Despite bearing a name similar to the Prototype X-1 and the Prototype X-2, which are both Super Capitals, Prototype X-3 is actually a Miner.
  • The first player to kill one was Birdhunter100.
  • One of the Developers, Arina, mentioned that if Galaxy won a Bloxy Award, they would add a battle Wasp to the game. Galaxy did not win a Bloxy Award, but this might be the battle Wasp Arina was talking about.
  • The room in which you got the quest was meant to be accessed with an extremely well-hidden teleporter. However, it was eventually discovered to be about 146 thousand studs above the Mega Base, where most people got it.
  • Back when it first came out, it could be sold for roughly 2 Million credits, though you would be banned for doing so. (Note: selling it after buying it for full price was not bannable.)
  • Was released a second time on 9/17/2019 for one day. It was hidden inside a large uranium in one of the corners, and to access the quest you needed to upgrade myriad to level 2. Nobody was able to get it in that time period.
  • Was put into the limited build menu on 2021, the materials required were 181 silicate, 140 carbon, 117 iridium, 9 adamantite, 27 palladium, 14 titanium, 14 quantium, 11 uranium, and a Class E Permit.
  • The Ship has a massive icon on the minimap, despite being extremely small.
  • The ship is classed as a miner, however, if used on the UNE team, will use a supercapital icon.