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The Rapture is a Siege-focused Carrier with Medium and Heavy Turrets.

Not to be confused with the Raptor


The Rapture is a strangely-shaped Carrier with many odd, mystical-looking decorations placed around the ship. It features four arced structures that come to a point past the back of the ship and a thinner nose area that connects to Starbase docking points.


The entrance is a teleporter shaped like an elongated sphere located in a small tunnel in the nose. This takes players to the fighter bay. On the roof of the hangar, it says "Release the Seventh Seal".

At the end of the hangar is a larger teleporter that leads to bridge.

The Rapture has a nice fighter bay with fancy pillars and decorations.

The bridge contains a big screen in front of the pilot's seat and a clear floor with a reactor core under the pilot's seat.



  • Somewhat vulnerable bottom.
  • Huge blind spots, requiring accurate aiming for all Turrets to have a line of sight.
  • Shield and Hull damage are not balanced, as it mostly relies on its Frenzies to do shield damage.
  • It is large and slow, making it an easy target to hit.
  • Has a hard time defeating smaller Ships without its Fighters.
  • No Spinals.
  • Poor DPS with the carrier's turret armament, being lower than many Cruisers; not to mention lower than most ships of the same class as the Rapture.


  • Do not engage an enemy base without the help of your Fighter pilots or allied ships.
  • Work with your Fighters and tank while your Fighters dish out shield damage.
  • Tell your teammates to fly the Frenzies in groups so they will be more effective, as there are only six.
  • Never go alone without your faction using your Fighters. Without support, you could be ambushed with ease.
  • Help tank in siege situations
  • Watch out for experienced fleets that want to destroy you.
  • If you are far enough away, you can snipe people at ungodly ranges.

Version history

  • Health increased from 6000/6750 to 6500/9000, 2 Heavy Lasers replaced with 2 Heavy Point Defense Lasers in version .68d.
  • Heavy Point Defense Lasers replaced with Heavy LR Lasers, 2 Medium Railguns replaced with 2 Heavy Railguns, shield increased from 6500 to 7500 in version .73b3


  • The interior of the Rapture contains many strange, eye-shaped symbols.
  • Can easily solo a level 2 base with no defense and only 2 deployed fighters.
  • In the chamber where the Frenzies  are located it states "Release The Seventh Seal" on the ceiling.
  • The Rapture resembles the rear end of a Covenant CSO class supercarrier from Halo.