Razor Wing

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The Razor Wing is a Spinal-oriented Battlecruiser well known for its ability to "tackle" larger ships.


The Razor Wing is a Battlecruiser which, unlike most ships, is asymmetrical due to the large wing on its starboard side. It is also quite well known for its ability to take on large ships, making it good for Pirating and base defense.


There is a small energy core pillar directly inside from the doorway, as well as a set of six chairs leading to the front cockpit, which itself has a black pilot's seat.


  • Powerful Spinal weaponry that can deal high burst damage.
  • Light turrets help defend against Fighters/Frigates.
  • Two or three of these can possibly take on Dreadnoughts, but only if the pilots are "extremely skilled".
  • One of the more affordable Battlecruisers.
  • Can be used to kill Aliens with little difficulty. Furthermore, it can heavily damage or even bring down an Alien Punisher if it's unprotected by Alien Swarmers.
  • Potentially unstoppable in a complex fleet.


  • Low health.
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Very well-known, making Razor Wings a high priority.
  • May struggle against ships with high health or with lots of high-accuracy turrets.
  • Less Shield Damage.


  • You can shoot bigger ships with its ridiculously powerful Spinals and hit very small ships with its 2 Flak Cannons.
  • Destroy everyone with your Spinal fury, and watch out for ships like the Ampharos and the Tempest, whose arrays of small armaments will make mincemeat out of you.
  • Annoy Dreadnoughts whenever you spot one that can't defend against smaller ships.
  • Swarming is effective: While one is an annoyance, many are outright deadly.

Version History

  • Spinals nerfed in .60(?) to only 4 barrels. 4 Flaks reduced to 2 Flaks and one Cannon.
  • Remodeled in .61h1(?).
  • Small buff in .64d that added 25 health to each stat, increased turn speed, and raised Cannons to 6 barrels (from 4).
  • Nerfed in version .66b - spinal counts reduced to 3 barrels on both the Cannons and Phasers.
  • Cargo Hold increased from 150 to 300, both spinal counts increased to 4 barrels in version .68e.


  • On the back of the old model, there was an Illuminati decal.
  • One of the most common pirate ships.
  • Often compared to the Black Flare.
  • It was the only ship remodeled for what could be called the Presidents Day event, with this remodeled Razor Wing being called the United States of Razor.
  • It was remodeled yet again for a Hidden Event on September 16, 2019, this remodel being named the Disruptor.
  • One of the few ships with an asymmetrical exterior.
  • Currently has the most reskins of any ship.
  • It's exterior is mangled & broken in some parts.
  • Received a nerf removing a turret and nerfing spinals in version .61g.
  • The bottom of the ship looks like it is held together by rods and scrap.
  • Despite its description: 
          - It uses no palladium in its construction
          - Its shield is stronger than its hull
          - It does not have a very good hull health for a Battlecruiser.
    Old Razor Wing Model.