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Retribution is a multi-purpose Dreadnought.


The Retribution is a generic PvP Dreadnought that bears a close resemblance to the old Armageddon model. It is modeled after the Cobra Class Destroyer from Warhammer 40k. It has good turret firepower and spinals but lacks defense against smaller ships.


There is a small teleporter located on the back of the ship, which sends you to a simple room with white floors and walls. The pilot seat is a short walk ahead. (just like the catalyst)


  • Very cheap compared to some Dreadnoughts.
  • Decent Spinal firepower against Hull of other Ships.
  • Incredibly versatile, able to solo siege an undefended level 2 Starbase if used correctly.
  • Spinals have a high Rate of Fire, allowing multiple chances to hit an enemy in a short period of time.
  • Can cripple Hulled Ships if used correctly.
  • Spinals can deal good hull damage.
  • Wide variety of turrets, though not all of them can be used at once, lowering the DPS of the ship.
  • Slightly above average tank.


  • Limited ability to fend off smaller Ships after the dreadnought re-balance converted its medium turrets to large ones.
  • Mediocre movement speed requires expert maneuvering from the pilot in PvP situations.
  • Unable to fire all turrets at once due to poor turret placement; there will always be at least two turrets unable to fire from any angle(with the exception of broadsiding[where only one turret is unable to fire], which renders your spinals unusable).
  • Slow maneuverability makes it difficult to give the turrets a line of sight and aim the spinals.
  • Large and easy to hit.


  • As much as it is a fierce Dreadnought, the Retribution is at its best when in a fleet.
  • When in a 1v1 situation, use your mobility to your advantage. Attack from your target's blind spot.
  • Make sure to approach from below your target, and only go head on if the target is a small Battleship or Battlecruiser such as the Sentaliz or Vigilance.
  • Never tank for prolonged periods of time in a Siege.
  • Make sure to be ready to pull out in case the tide turns in your enemy's favor.
  • When Sieging in a fleet, park your ship at Heavy Laser range (7000 studs away) and use your Heavy Lasers along with your Small Torpedoes to attack the base, while not tanking too much damage.
  • During sieges, your goal is to support core capital Ships. Be sure to fend off any defenders. Focus on enemy Battleships and Dreadnoughts; they can cause serious problems during a siege.

Version History


  • Based on the Cobra Class Destroyer from Warhammer 40K.
  • When you walk into the cockpit, you'll see the words "I am the holy executioner of the heretic" above the window.
  • Was stripped of any exterior design which most players protested and let to it being rarely used until the current model was added.
  • A very detailed exterior just like the Armageddon.Template:Image Infobox