Retro Grievion

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Retro Grievion is a limited-edition version of the Grievion that features its original model and armament.


The Retro Grievion is a limited model the Grievion that is an improved version of the original Grievion from Galaxy Alpha.

It was only available for a limited time.


The interior is accessed through a transparent door leading into the ship from where it docks. There is a short hallway with two rooms on both sides of the hallway, leading to the bridge. The pilots seat is the first chair, in the center of the room towards the front facing a glass window. The other chairs in the room do not seem to be able to be sat in, and you can walk through them as if they don't exist. This problem is had by other retro ships at the moment, such as the Retro Hawklight. The two rooms branching from the hallway each have some beds, one has a fridge, and there are a few other various living appliances in them. Nothing in these rooms have any collision, like the chairs. the walls separating them from the hallway do not have collision either, and you may walk through them.


  • High maneuverability and speed for a Battlecruiser.
  • Amazing Turret and Spinal firepower, considering retro Turrets do a lot more damage than normal ones.
  • High health.


  • Expensive.
  • Targeted because of its high value.
  • Mediocre acceleration for a Battlecruiser.


  • Only use it if you're sure you won't lose it.
  • Stay near your Starbase.
  • Make effective use of your Spinals.

Version History

  • Added in .66b, along with the Retro Ship Event 2019.
  • Received a buff in .66b shortly after the event ended.
  • Spinal count decreased from 12/12 to 9/9, Retro Light Flak Cannon count reduced from 4 to 2 in version .73a3


  • Was one of the Event ships that was put back on sale for the Black Friday 2019 sale.
  • Was released again in the new "Limited Edition (Permits)" Build menu, in version .72f. It can be obtained for a D class permit (675k credits) + 4371 Sillicate, 3336 Carbon, 2362 Iridium, 42 Adamantite, 189 Palladium, 63 Titanium, and 63 Quantium