Retro Hawklight

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Retro Hawklight is a limited-edition version of the Hawklight that features its 2nd generation model and armament.


This limited ship is one of the first models of the widely loved Hawklight. It features a weapon loadout similar to the original's and proves to be a very strong PVP ship just like its normal counterpart.


The interior of the Retro Hawklight is rather mundane; it is composed of a single room with the pilot seat at the front and a very similar looking seat in addition to a blank screen at the back right corner of the area.


  • Powerful hull breaking Spinals.
  • Great top speed and maneuverability; higher turn speed and acceleration than even the Sentaliz.
  • Balanced and high health pool for a Battleship.
  • Versatile Turrets are able to provide some protection against smaller ships while still doing a good amount of damage, especially towards Shields.
  • Damage output is much more balanced compared to its regular counterpart.
  • Due to its speed, agility and high DPS, it is a great ship for Pirating.


  • Relies heavily on its spinals for hull damage.
  • Expensive for a Battleship.
  • The underside is a weakspot; only 1 Turret is positioned under the ship.
  • Slightly problematic turret placement.


  • Warp under your opponents as almost all of the turrets are on top of the ship.
  • Exploit bigger ships' blindspots with your superior mobility.
  • Use this ship's Spinals to finish off crippled targets.
  • Be careful when using this ship as it will be seen as a valuable target. Avoid extensively tanking damage and retreat if needed.

Version History

  • Added in .66b, along with the Retro Ship event.
  • Received a buff along with all other retro event ships in .66b shortly after the event ended.
  • 2 Light Retro Flak Cannons replaced with 2 Retro Medium Lasers, spinal interval reduced to zero in version .72f
  • Health increased from 4050/3550 to 4550/3990 in version .73b3.
  • Hull increased from 3990 to 4300 in an unknown version.
  • Explosion size 45 ----> 480 .75a12


  • The first person to lose this ship was StarWarsFany to a Starbase.
  • The ship's model isn't the original model. Instead, it is the second model because of the original model being a free model.
  • Was one of the event ships that was put back on sale for the Black Friday sale.