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The Revelation is a heavily armed Carrier.


The Revelation is a massive Carrier, larger than most Dreadnoughts, and has a large interior.


The Revelation is a massive, long Carrier that has one of the largest interiors in the game.

The Interior is a large, carpeted area but mostly empty to reduce lag. In the middle of it you will find a sign that says "Rev Cafe" and a Menu next to the cafeteria. If you walk down the hallway, you will end up in a large, but empty room with a window out the front and a teleporter to the hangar. There are a few seats in them facing out of the windows.

The Bridge is fairly small and has a window in the back. There are a few seats near the pilot and a seat behind facing a glass table, taken from the old Apocalypse. The pilot's seat has a blue orb in front of it, supposedly the steering wheel.

The Fighter Bay is an area in which contains 6 Strikers lined up in a row. On the back end of the hangar, you find a teleporter to the bridge.


  • High Turret firepower makes it well-defended against attackers.
  • Can support fleets in a large scale siege.
  • Able to resist attacks from Dreadnoughts for a limited amount of time due to its high health.
  • With some skill, the Revelation can PvP some Dreadnoughts without needing the support of its Fighters.
  • Has a monstrous damage per second of 920 if all fighters are used.


  • Sluggish mobility.
  • Can be overwhelmed by smaller Ships if the blind spot under the ship remains undefended.
  • Very large and makes a huge target for enemy Ships.
  • Lacks the maneuverability to flee from critical situations.
  • Long way from the seats to the fighters due to having no teleporters in between them.


  • Don't go into open spaces because you can be ambushed by smaller Ships.
  • Make sure your team listens to your orders. If your team is good enough, they can use Strikers to burn through a base's Shield.
  • Stay behind siege ships. Dreadnoughts provide excellent cover.
  • Only charge when Dreadnoughts charge. Otherwise, focus on guiding the Laser Turrets instead of Cannons.

Version History

  • Price and health buff in an unknown version.
  • Its interior was stripped in version .61g to decrease part count.
  • Received a remodel and health raised from 5500/5500 to 6000/6000 in version .65b.
  • Shield increased from 6000 to 10000 and loadout changed to 1 Light Gatling Laser, 2 Heavy Point Defense Lasers, 4 Heavy Flak Cannons and 2 Heavy Lasers in version .68d.
  • All 6 Furies replaced with Strikers in version .73a3
  • Turret loadout Changed from 2 Heavy Point Defense Lasers, 4 Heavy Flak Cannons, 2 Heavy Lasers, and 1 Light Flak Cannon to 2 Triple Heavy Lasers, 2 Heavy LR Lasers, 2 Triple Medium Cannons, 2 Heavy Cannons, and 1 Light Flak Cannon; as well as the cargo hold being nerfed from 1200 to 160 in version .73a3.
  • 1 Extra Light Flak Cannon added(1 Light Flak Cannon --> 2 Light Flak Cannons) in an unknown version.
  • Model part count reduced from 724 parts to 51 parts in version .75a5(?).
  • Sideways teleporters fixed in version .75a5.


  • Featured on the main thumbnail for Galaxy.
  • Shares the same Fighters as Frion I's Lucifer Station, Rapture and Rhino.
  • There is a ship that uses a modified version of the Revelation's original model, Alpha Ship.
  • The teleporters have broken several times.
  • A Battleship variant called the Revylation was a downscaled version of this ship.
  • The old Blizzard model was meant to be the new revelation model.