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The Rhino is a large, durable and heavily armed Carrier.


The Rhino is the fourth largest Carrier in the game and has the second most Fighters excluding limited carriers. The Turret placement allows for decent defense from any side of the ship except underneath.


The Rhino is a tall, large carrier. There are 2 teleporters on the back of the ship. One teleporter will teleport players into the lower hangar, which contains 8 fighters, while the other teleporter will teleport players to the bridge of the ship.

The Rhino's interior is one of the largest in game.

The Fighter Bay consists of 2 parts: The Upper hangar, and the Lower hangar, The Upper hangar contains 2 fighters which are 2 Frenzy and the pilot seat of the ship above it. The Lower hangar contains 8 fighters which are 4 Strikers and 4 Frenzy. There are 8 seats located on the walls of the Lower hangar and 2 rooms in the middle of the Lower hangar. There is also a ladder on one end of the Lower hangar that lets players ascend to the upper hangar and the bridge. If players continue to walk up, they will arrive at the highest point of the ship, with a weird sphere, which is surprisingly the pilot's seat.


  • Large amount of Frenzies and Strikers combined.
  • High health.
  • The fighters possess incredible combined firepower if used in a swarm.
  • Variety of accurate Turrets.
  • Fairly low Warehouse requirement.
  • The carrier itself can provide decent pest control support.
  • One of the best Carriers for fighter support.


  • Vulnerable underside and rear.
  • The carrier itself is weak against ships of its size.
  • Poor maneuverability.
  • Large profile makes it a big target.
  • Has a low Spinal count.
  • You'll need an entire team that is willing to fly the fighters.
  • Equipping all fighters with AI pilots is relatively costly, costing 2500 robux without VIP.


  • Use the high Fighter count to swarm bases and opposing Ships.
  • The Rhino itself can provide good support against small, fast ships due to all turrets being flaks and PDLs.
  • The Rhino's exposed underside, slow speed, sub-optimal Turret types, and awkward handling means it will need support from a fleet, or a Starbase to survive any dedicated assault.
  • When Sieging, stay out of range of the base but turn sideways towards it to allow faster Fighter release. Also, bring some Frigates and Destroyers as escorts to defend against the Battleships and Dreadnoughts that may counterattack.

Version History

  • After being added, the Rhino received a remodel in an unknown version.
  • Health buff in .65b
  • Health increased from 8000/7250 to 11000/8000 and loadout changed to 4 Light Flak Cannons, 1 Light Laser, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, and 2 Heavy Point Defense Lasers in version .68d.
  • Replaced 4 Frenzies with 4 Strikers in version .73a3.
  • Health decreased to 10000/7000 in version 75a5.


  • Used to be one of the only Carriers with non-solid Fighter bay doors. Because of this, players could walk through the doors and even pilot small ships into the Rhino. This has since been removed with the new interior remodel, although players can still pilot small ships into the Rhino with proper timing.
  • Named after the species Rhinoceros.
Rhino's previous model