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Template:Image Infobox Rocket for short. Past Galaxy Administrator and Galaxy Admin Director since 2021
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Story (Written by Rocket himself)

Hello I am Rocket, defender of the galaxy with a small known gang, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Came to Earth one day on July 2017 and saw some lil' gargoyles on a Terran webpage called Roblox.

Never knew what that is 'til I tried it out myself. I have to say, it's weird- you know. All yea humies spend hours staring at some screen doin' some crazy shit and business. So I thought to myself, "Why not I try it?" Not like saving the galaxy is important right now.

Here I am, created an account called Rocket_GotG and found a game called 'Galaxy', yep. First thing I searched on Roblox is literally 'Galaxy', quite a coincidence really. Some random Terran game, that turns out to be ENJOYABLE. I normally blast people to pieces who pisses me off, but eh. After a while, I learned how to be...'different', you know- Stop being a pain in the backside to everyone. Sure, I blasted a few ships here and there whenever I am in a bad mood, but really. I collect ships, no joke. I have a massive COLLECTION of ships in my inventory over the years of Galaxy I played, I haven't missed ONE event once, ok that's actually a lie. I only missed out the 2019 April fools. I didn't get the Prototype X-3 'cause...I lost my original Grim in like March, I haven't told anyone about it, but it's the first time I actually had quit Galaxy for 6 months, only came back to do 4th of july event. I didn't stop there. During my time I quit galaxy I was a moderator on the Galaxy Discord. Was pretty active at the time because I didn't play much on Roblox ever since I lost Grim.

To me, losing that Grim is what brought me up to be an Admin, high activity during my moderator era, not only that but respectful to the community as a whole.

It's all began on August, 15th I think, don't get my words on it, but it's that month where I really stepped up and agreed with Confinium's terms of hiring me to be an Admin for the game, Galaxy. Although I got demoted for kicking a player without any evidence few days later.

I got upset and created a new private server on Galaxy called "Isolation Zone", it's where I spent my days, alone filled with regret, I saw the evidence in front of me, but I didn't take it. That was on me, I know that. I thought I never have the chance to ever return. Then a bright spark came to me when Head of Staff, purpledazee DMed me, asking if I would rejoin staff again. I said "yes" and purple got me back on the team again. From this moment one. I made sure I won't make another mistake or fail Confinium during his era of Admin Director. Wasn't until he decided to blackmarket Galaxy, selling t-shirts at high number of Robux for in-game ships so he could make enough Robux to hire developers for his own game, though sadly never pressed forward. Was a hard on me and the staff to keep our positions without an Admin Director, 'til one of the oldest staff member, 1_Fast stood up in front of the spotlight and became the new AD during the early 2020 onwards, he made changes but he wasn't very corrupt either. 1_Fast is more generous and respectful to the staff and the community than Confinium ever was. time moves forward the old staff I knew began to fade as new ones raise from the surface, I never had issues with the new staff but I missed the old ones, 'til I became the oldest Admin left during 1_Fast's Admin Director Era.

As time passes by, 1_Fast resigned in Early 2021, Early March. Another hard push on me and staff yet again, unlike last time, I knew what was coming, I knew how to adapt ever since Confinium was gone. Irfaan1997 kept the staff going 'acting AD' at the time, though because Irfaan wasn't exactly part of the admin team back then. rcouret preferred to select a new AD from the current staff team in the day, although no one was AD for around a week or two, I certain it's been a while, then when I met rcouret. I told him more about myself and sworn an oath to him that I'd do better than the previous Admin Directors, and that I currently the oldest staff around which also got him to believe that I am well enough experience to bring me this very moment, a moment of which I became an Admin Director on 25th of March.

At first, I wanted to keep 1_Fast's system, but then I realised that his system is not what the community want, over the following months I have recreated the mod guide to show more clarity but it's all based on the old rules, just expanded to help the staff team to moderate accordingly to the book. It's not what the community want. You see, unlike any other ADs, I put the community first, that began more apparent in later months around November is when I opened myself up to the community, but that changed didn't on it's own. SmokeyJoe38 (aka Jaxumi92) came up with ideas on how the community should be handled in a way that the moderation isn't to strict but also ensure that the staff are outside of corruption to keep the community and staff safe. I would've approved said change a long time ago, but I couldn't because during those times purpledazee still Head of Staff, wasn't until she banned some trial moderators which got RC's attention to remove her from Head of Staff, which once again put a hard push on me and the staff team but because I am AD, I kept pressing on without purple. WHEN I came back on Jaxumi92's DMs again and saw his list, then I stared at the community, reading messages people posts; the harassment, the drama, the riots, the disagreement with the rules. I know that being an AD isn't all about myself. I didn't see myself as a king or emperor, I see myself as an individual equal to everybody else in the community, I stared down, being in the community's shoes, the fear they all gone through having to deal with strict rules on a server that is 13+ of age, I know that isn't right. What's worst is when uglycar called me a 'Bad AD', referring me as every other ADs who didn't see any similarities they have with the community. I did, I want uglycar back to continue developing because I care about Galaxy, and I care for the community.

This day forward. I wanted to be the first AD to make that change possible, to give the community their freedom that old ADs had taken away. Let me be the one to help you, let the community to decide how the rules should play. As long it doesn't break Discord's ToS.



  • The 'GotG' in Rocket's username is a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Rocket was formerly known as gulliblenick12 on ROBLOX and once was an Alternate Account of 'gulliblefrank' from 2011 to 2016
  • gulliblenick12's name changed to Rocket_GotG few days after Rocket watched Guardians of the Galaxy volume 1 and 2 in September 2017
  • Rocket's account had been created on 26th of Oct, 2012. little over 11 months after first account, Gulliblefrank
  • Rocket has been Role-playing as Rocket Raccoon for over 5 years on Discord (occasionally in-game) and still does