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The Rorqual is a popular heavy Miner-Class ship commonly seen in Galaxy.


The Rorqual is the fifth most expensive and the fifth largest of all non-limited Miners. It has 3 Medium Mining Lasers. Its movement speed is very slow, but it can mine fast and can fit a substantial amount of Ores in its cargo hold. Huge amounts of Credits can be made if used in sync with a Prepravca or another large trader. For its class, it has a very large amount of Shields and Hull (2500/5000). It has a mining range of 5500 studs and takes a minimum of ~333 seconds to fill up its hold.


The back of the Rorqual contains a small teleporter to the cockpit, which is just a small metal box. In front of the grey pilot's seat, you will see a white screen that has colorful buttons. There is also a fluorescent light above the screen lighting up the room.


  • Third highest Cargo Hold of all obtainable Miners.
  • Large Ores Hold.
  • Earns a very high amount of Credits.
  • Tied with its VIP counterpart the Mammoth as 3rd highest health of all non-limited Miners.
  • Can tank quite a bit of damage. This makes Aliens much less of a threat while Mining.


  • Slow top speed and turn speed.
  • Can take a while to get a full Ore Hold, usually taking 6–7 minutes to fill up.
  • Expensive.
  • The slow pace and vulnerability of the Rorqual make it a prime target for Pirates.
  • The positioning of the Lasers makes it so that you have to face directly toward the target Ores in order to mine it with maximum efficiency.
  • Aliens often target Miners.
  • Mines slightly slower than the M Class.


  • Make sure you always check if any enemies are coming every 30 seconds, either by looking around or on the Minimap.
  • Always Mine in a peaceful Faction so you don't risk being attacked.
  • Stay close to friendly combat ships when possible. They can help protect you from enemies.
  • If you are Mining in a faction that is at War, only mine near your Starbase.
  • If you have access to one, Mine in a VIP Server to ensure safety from other players, but beware of swarms of Aliens.
  • Don't mine at the Mega Base If you are at war and you aren't protected.
  • Try finding a Faction that has a lot of Ores around its Starbase and is not using as many Miners.
  • Use your health to escape Pirates. When at war with someone more powerful than you, immediately go to your Faction and dock. Your immense amount of health will make sure you will survive some attackers.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in ?
  • Received a small buff in .59a so people can choose this over the Mammoth.
  • Received a buff around .59b - .59c (real version unknown) that added 1000 Ore Hold and an extra Small Mining Laser.
  • Received a nerf that removed the extra Small Mining Laser in around .59d, but the Ore Hold wasn't affected by the nerf.
  • Received a buff that increased its Mining range by 50%.
  • Received a nerf around .60d that removed a Medium Mining Laser on top of the ship.
  • Nerf was reversed in .60d that removed the Medium Mining Laser on top of the ship.
  • Received a massive buff in .61e4 that doubled health and added some damage resistance.
  • Received another remodel, in .61h
  • Buff in .61h(?) that added 500 Shield, 1000 Hull, Warp Drive, but removed 1000 Ore Hold and 30 Top Speed.
  • Buff in .61i that increased the Mining range by 1000.
  • Explosion range decreased from 250 to 125 in .65b.
  • Shields and Hull decreased from 2,500/5,000 to 2,000/4,000 in .75a10.


  • It is the 4th largest obtainable Miner, behind the Mammoth,M Class , and Orca.
  • Brings in about 6,550 credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 13500.
  • The ship was chosen for the 4th of July Event. The event ship, the Patriotic Rorqual, is better in terms of health, mining range, mining speed, and Ores mined per second.
  • The original Rorqual model was very similar to a ship of the same name in EVE Online.
  • One of the most commonly used Miners.
Original Rorqual Model
Second Rorqual Model