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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Scout is an AI Alien ship made by the Kneall.


The Scout is the Alien equivalent of a Frigate/Fighters|Fighter and is well known for annoying Miners and Freighters. It is mostly black with large neon areas and has a bottom-mounted and top-mounted Turrets.


Scouts will attempt to stay around 3 to 4.5K studs away from whatever they are attacking and may move below Ships to maintain their turret's line of sight. When attacking a slow or stationary target, they are often seen moving back and forth in mostly straight lines. They have a tendency to go underneath Ships to make it hard for main Turrets to hit.

Scouts will always answer a call from an Alien Punisher or Alien/Kneall Boss when it is attacking any player or Starbase. Hordes of Scouts can easily overwhelm players and starbases, even if said player has a battleship or dreadnaught, they are know to cause serious damage. When the Punisher they are called to is destroyed, Swarmers will either start to scatter, go to another nearby Punisher (if there is one), continue to attack the Punisher's target, or drift slowly away from the location.

Scout sare more likely to attack Miners and Freighters, so stay alert.


Due to their significant dps and high top speed, Scouts are best attacked using ships with high-accuracy Turrets. Light and Medium-sized Turrets, aside from Railguns, best fit these guidelines.


Scouts drop 3 Snowflakes and 25 alien parts.


  • After decoding the description, it reveals to say "From beyond light comes the blessing of decay"
  • Has a Laughable Explosion value of 8
  • The Swarmer has no trail.
  • If the player that is attacking them Warps away, they will likely not follow and will go away, or if in a fleet, scatter.
  • Scouts are often seen as nuisances more than threats to many players (although can still be dangerous in fleets or against low-health Miners.
  • Unlike the Swarmer, Shadowstrike and Cranefly, there is no limit to how many can be spawned in a server at any time. However, the alien spawn limit of 20 still applies.
  • Received a nerf in the spawn rate, due to them spawning too quickly and overwhelming entire servers.