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The Scythe is a Destroyer Class ship commonly used as an interceptor against large targets getting jobs done fast.


The exterior of the Scythe features four pillars jutting out from the cockpit. It boasts 4 four wings, four Phasers, and three Cannon barrels. It also has a purple trail. In terms of use, it's very similar to the Scimitar.


The Scythe has a small pass-through door in the back with a cross-brace over it. This door leads to an opening in the center of the ship, which is decorated with the marble and gray style seen on the outside. The Scythe also contains a rather fancy pilot seat facing a neon panel.


  • High Spinal firepower.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Both energy and kinetic weaponry. (Energy does more damage to Shields and kinetic does more damage to Hull.)
  • Great acceleration allows it to get out of retreat situations.
  • Can distract inaccurate base turrets with its high top-speed and small size.
  • Great for outrunning fleets, hit and run pirating, or stealing kills.


  • Lacks Turrets.
  • Requires good Spinal aim to be effective in PvP.
  • Low total health. (1050)


  • Stay away from the Ampharos or Tempest, whose armaments will easily destroy your Scythe.

Version History

  • Explosion/docking fixed in version ??? (6/19/2018 & 3/26/2018)
  • Trails and appearance changed in version ??? (9/24/2018)


  • Now has a trail.