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VIP Ship

This ship is a VIP ship and can only be obtained if you own the VIP Gamepass.

The Sentaliz is a Spinal-based PvP Battleship.


The Sentaliz is a VIP ship mostly used in swarms to kill large ships. As a Battleship, the Sentaliz is lacking in hull but is able to compensate this with it powerful Spinals, and ability to consistently dodge both turrets and spinals.


The interior of this ship is quite simple, with a blue metal pilot's seat and a 3D display with three yellow projectors. It is entered by jumping through the cockpit roof into a seat.


  • Very high hull damage output.
  • Very small, similar to a large Battlecruiser in size.
  • Excellent maneuverability for a ship of its class.
  • Top speed of 185 combined with flat profile makes it very easy to dodge heavy Turrets and even some light Turrets, as well as Spinals, which massively reduces the damage you take.
  • Turrets, while not having great damage, do have a good range of 6k, which is helpful while sieging.
  • Small Torpedoes have a long range of 6k, allowing it to engage enemy ships from a long distance.


  • Minimal Turret firepower
  • Lowest total health in its class, excluding the Stealth B-2 and Stealth One.
  • Weak to shield breakers, due to most of its health being shields.
  • Requires the VIP Gamepass to build.


  • This ship is incredibly effective at taking on other Dreadnoughts, as its very high speed allows it to get in blind spots and avoid being hit by heavy turrets while using the Small Torpedoes to deal massive damage.
  • Be careful of any ships such as the Leviathan or Tempest that have high firepower and decent mobility, as they can deal more damage to you due to their higher accuracy.
  • Use your speed to your advantage. Larger ships like the Apocalypse or Behemoth can't turn to match you.
  • Always position yourself in a ship's blind spot and unleash your Spinal fury!
  • Try grouping up with other Sentaliz or spinal-based Ships, as your combined strength is enough to take down any Battleship or even Dreadnought in seconds.
  • Use range to your advantage. Your 6 Small Torpedoes combined with your 185 speed will allow you to finish off large targets.
  • When diving, it is advisable to stay as far away as possible (6k range max) in order to dodge heavy weapons while finishing off hulled targets.
  • If keeping distance is not possible, keep your speed high and get out as soon as you kill the ship you are diving.
  • Watch out for small ships, as the Viper and Draco, as they have the ability to dodge your lasers.
  • Combining the speed and the Small Torpedoes, this ship proves to be effective at supporting Sieges on Starbases and Planets.

Version history

  • At one point the two turrets (1 Light Laser and 1 Light Flak) were removed as the ship was too overpowered, but they were added back, then replaced by two Light Gatling Cannons.
  • The original arsenal was 2 Large Phasers, 4 Large Cannons, and a Light Laser, but it was changed for being too powerful.
  • Received a remodel in .60.
  • Received a price change in an unknown version, decreasing its cost.
  • Changed in .63h to have 200 more health in each stat, speed decreased from 150 to 135, and price increased somewhat.
  • Top Speed increased from 135 to 145 in .65b
  • Buffed in .66b, increasing its shield from 2600 to 2950, its top speed from 145 to 155, and its turnspeed from 0.5 to 0.55,
  • Top speed reduced from 155 to 145, turn speed reduced from 0.55 to 0.5, acceleration reduced from 24 to 20, 2 Large Cannons replaced with 4 Small Torpedoes and received a remodel in version .69a2. The former 3 changes didn't had any further notice, unlike the latter 2.
  • 2 Large Phasers removed in version .69a2.
  • Custom max drift now 70% .75a12
  • Explosion Size 40 ----> 265 .75a12


  • The Sentaliz, although being one of the more expensive Battleships, is also the smallest Battleship in-game.
  • Unlike most other ships, the Sentaliz has a unique appearance in that its wing pieces are not directly attached to the main body of the ship.
  • The second battleship to be VIP, the first being the Carvainir.
  • Has similar features to the Aeaphiel, which shares a common designer.
  • It used to be very good at taking out Dreadnoughts, but various nerfs made it much more dangerous to take on Dreadnoughts without being a skilled pilot or being in a group of multiple Sentaliz. It is now used more often to combat Battleships or large Battlecruisers.
  • The Battleship rebalance more or less reverted the Sentaliz nerf, making it somewhat viable to take on Dreadnoughts again.
  • It has a yellow trail when moving.
  • It is built by Xeiron Industries, as the wings have "Xeiron" written on them.
  • Has a limited remodel, the Santaliz.