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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

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The Serv (also known as Alien Serv) was a unique AI ship added during the Halloween Event 2020


The Serv is an Alien AI ship with a unique Halloween model and color scheme. It is somewhat larger and more heavily armed than regular Swarmers, which it appears to have replaced. Fights suggest that, unlike other Alien ships, it favors Hull over Shields.


The Serv is equipped with two rapid-fire laser turrets, similar to those of the Alien Harvest Servitor. It can deal unexpectedly high shield damage with these turrets, so inexperienced pilots or low-class ships are advised to avoid prolonged periods of direct fire.


Distractions with small, fast ships like the Viper and Draco are effective ways to distract this ship's fire while "pest-control" ships with high-accuracy turrets deal all the damage.

Outside of using a simple and easy distraction ship, players may try to brute force the kill. Without avoiding the fire, this could easily end with players facing over 1000 damage to their shields, which makes this strategy rather unsustainable if players are hunting multiple Servs at once.

It is also relatively easy to get in its blind spot (directly behind it) with a small spinal ship such as the Aura, which can kill it in less than a minute.

While the lasers do insane shield damage, their hull damage is pitiful, meaning you should use a hull tank ship to take these ships on.

Recommended ships to use to grind these are the Ampharos, due to its high accuracy turrets and its cargo hold is big enough to hold an entire serv (250 cargo).

All of those strategies above have become near-impossible when it gained the ability to call aliens, making it extremely difficult to kill, especially if there is like 8-10 of these ships and Rift Guardians/Custodians, one of the reasons of it being very hard to kill is the fact that they spawn often (not to mention they replaced Swarmers during the event).


  • The same ores as a Alien Swarmer, 14 Silicate 13 Carbon, 2 Iridium 2 Adamantite 2 Palladium, 2 Titanium, 2 Quantium, 75 Uranium
  • 2 Gamma Pumpkins.

Version History

  • Gamma pumpkin drop rate nerfed in version .69b1 (3 -> 2).
  • Gained the ability to call aliens in version .69[?][?] (past version .69b5).
  • Lost the ability to call aliens in version .69d[?] (note: the event already ended at that point).


  • 3 Small Servs are caged inside the U.N.E recruitment center in Terminal C of the Mega Base.
  • The name and model appear to be a reference to Warhammer 40,000's Servo Skulls, however this is unconfirmed.