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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

The Shadowstrike is an Avellian AI battleship that was introduced in the Christmas Event 2021.


The Shadowstrike is an Avellian ship that has an iconic jet-like design as well as its own custom ambience. It is similar to its playable counterpart, the Shadowstrike, in power and health. The same model is used for both ships.

Unlike most AI ships of its size, it does not call other aliens to its location when in combat, which is unusual. This makes it most similar to the Outrider from the regular Kneall fleet.


  • Stay above it as its line-of-sight is not great in said position, making it unable to fire its spinals and much harder for it to fire its turrets at you.
  • Use a shield tank, as it sports a hull-shredding loadout.
  • Unlike the Cranefly, it can easily be beaten by battleships and above due to its low health, but not as easily by smaller ships due to its higher speed.


  • Drops 20 Snowflakes, 2 Plasma Batteries and 35 Alien Parts.


  • Has a loadout of 6 Avellian Pulsewaves, a turret completely unique to it and its counterpart, the Shadowmane.
  • Has its own ambience (shared with the Shadowmane), which sounds like a low-quality compilation of a train chugging, alien beeps and a long firework sound.
    • Many players find this ambience incredibly annoying.